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Sunday, June 29, 2014

kristina_wills@yahoo.com kristinawills680@gmail.com SCAM fishmeetfish.com

Hello How are you doing? I hope you are fine? I just came across your profile and i will love to correspond with you.Your profile looks Gorgeous and all i want to ask is ...Do you have a Big heart? That one of the biggest questions i am here to ask. I like to start a conversation with you and see how things might turn into. Actually i am on this site with hopes to meet someone and hope things will turn out well. I will love us to get personal that is send me an email directly to my private mail.....(kristina_wills at y/a/h/o/o/ dot c/o/m/ or kristinawills680 at/g/m/a/i/l/ dot c/o/m/

Saturday, June 21, 2014


how you doing i will like to know you more my name is sara i live at indiana add me up on my yahoo mesanger so that we can tal beter ali.suliyat@yahoo.com ok

I hope you tal beter than you spel, Mugu....

dianefaul66@gmail.com dhoney15@yahoo.com SCAM fishmeetfish.com

It was Nice going through ur profile,it interestin to contact u am patiently lookin 4d right man. hope u can contact my private mail.(dianefaul66 at g m Ail.C o0m or dhoney15 aT y a H oo Do t C OM). can learn more about each other..give me a text...+19786339043. Lola

Friday, June 20, 2014

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

edithwalt@yahoo.com SCAM fishmeetfish.com

Hello ( edithwalt@yahoo.com ) I guess you will not surprise to receive my mail? i saw your profile and it sound well. I will like us to exchange good relationship. I am Edith by name, No kid and never marriage. I will like to hear from your opinion, you can contact me at this email address (( edithwalt@yahoo.com )) so that i can send you my pictures and more introduction about myself. Have a good day and waiting to hear from you soonest Miss Edith. please don't forget to send me an email in my private box ---( edithwalt@yahoo.com ) ---God bless you.

Monday, June 16, 2014

brandysmith221@yahoo.com newbrandy3@gmail.com SCAM confirio.com

hello how are you doing am brandy by name single never married with no kid and am here to seek for my mr right i mean a serious relationship that will lead to happy home am tired of been single and lonely i want a man beside my that i can share my feelings with everytime please if you are for games and fun dont bother to get back to me but if you are here for somthing serious you can email me on newbrandy3@gmail.com or add me on yahoo brandysmith221@yahoo.com.....hope to read back from you soon

sandymoore73@yahoo.com sandymoore023@gmail.com SCAM confirio.com

Hi my name is Moore, Am new to this dating site and i was so much attracted setting my eyes on your profile and just don't know how to express the feelings i begin to feel over you. plus i love your body type as well...I believe it is rather strange to get attracted to your profile even though i may not know the qualities you possess... I wish to meet you sooner as we get familiar with each other and get to know the possible attractions and connections we both share..i will be glad for us to know more about each other and i hope our meeting will be bring good wishes to that has never passed and yet come to pass.i will be much happy if you can reply me back with your personal contact to know more about Each other always stay blessed.... Moore

This is a stolen picture of 'Megan QT' being used by West African scammers.

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britlin777@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

Nice profile , i would really want us to get to know each other better and share pics more , please contact me via my email address ... britlin777@yahoo.com ... OR give me your email address. Hope to read from you soonest .

ladyblinking2g4@gmail.com ladyblinking4u@yahoo.com osmantracy@yahoo.com morrison2g13@gmail.com SCAM

This is a West African scammer using stolen pictures on confirio.com

ello Good morning and am New on Here,Well am really impressed by your profile and I would wish to get to know more about you to see where this will lead us in the future. My E m a i l Address is ( ladyblinking4u)at yahoo dot com , Send me E m a i l so that I can reply with my pictures and also tell you all about me, These is no s p a c e in the ID.I can't reply anymore , so reply me direct to my e m a i l address . . But you can also add me if you have Access to Y a h o o Messenger. My screen name is '' ( ladyblinking4u ) '' Hope to hear from you or ladyblinking2g4@gmail.com

Hello Dear Let me start by saying i thank god i found your profile my name is Mercia and New on this dating site. I must confess, your profile has really captured my attention and i will love to share in the joy of your life, in fact i want to get to know you if you don't mind. I will be glad if we get to know each other and become friends. You never know we could become the next success story on here as good couples. I want to find someone to be in Good Relationship with that right person. Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end. A relationship is a two way street. It's never all your fault or the other persons. If you like, you can reach me by messenger or E-mail at ( o s m a n t r a c y @ y a h o o . c o m ) and write me there privately so i will surely send you my pictures. Hope to hear from you soon. Am online right now morrison2g13@gmail.com
E-mail Address: o s m a n t r a c y @ y a h o o .c o m
Yahoo messenger ID: osmantracy

preciousones900@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

Hello handsome One How are you? I have read your profile and so interested in getting to know more about you and see what the Lord as in store for us. Am new on this Web Sight a friend of mine introduced me here to meet people and find my soul mate, am looking for someone who will love me for the rest of my life,someone honest,caring,kind and romantic in my life. I miss been in love and i will love to love again.This is my private e-mail address preciousones900@yahoo.com

sheron_levina@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

How are you doing this lovely day... I must confess that you are very handsome and this motivates me into wanting to know you. It would be great if i get a chance in knowing you. I am told by a friend that i could get to make good friends here on this site and i am so interested in making new and good friends and see where this leads. I find your profile captivating and simple, it would be a priviledge if we could communicate with one another and possibly become friends. Pls kindly reply as you read this you can mail me or add me to your messenger sheron_levina@yahoo.com

This is a West African scammer, using a stolen picture of porn model 'Emily Doll'.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

luisadavidson1966@outlook.com DYING WIDOW SCAM from confirio.com

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the I AM THAT I AM who made me who i am well my dear i will like to be your friend so i decide to send a message to you and i hope you don't really mind my dear friend for intruding into your privacy ? I am Mrs luisa Davidson the social,polite and apprehensive, who believes that Friendship is a wonderful world, it might be the most beautiful one on earth.and i will like you and i to be a very good friend and maybe we can talk about religion life and for the purpose God asked me to contact you well and i will be very glad to read back from you as soon as possible.On my personal email address because right now i am currently suffering from a long time cancer of the breast and it is quite obvious i might survive for two months according to the doctor..so my dear i just want to use this opportunity to reach you before my time on earth come up,because there is work you are to do for God and his children so my dear i rarely check my message on this social site So i will really like to hear back from you and you can always get back to me via mail mine is luisadavidson1966@outlook.com i will really appreciate if you send me your email address...I am looking forward to read back from you as soon as possible with your email address or your message on my email address

God Bless You
Mrs Luisa Davidson

This is a scam. There is no dying widow who wants to give you money, There is only a young, black, male criminal in West Africa, who wants to steal money from you.
Don't be stupid!
Don't be greedy!
Don't fall for this scam. I have no sympathy for you.
Some people end up broke, and in debt after falling for this scam.
Some end up in PRISON, while the scammer they steal money to appease goes free.
Don't be a fool!

edithbike@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

hello handsome well my name is Edith Appah and i am new to this site also seeking for my serious soul mate and i wish to meet a man with a great heart who is loving understanding trust worthy and also willing and ready to have a family with me and i am also a God fearing woman and want a man who has a clean and soft heart towards his woman because of some mess i have been through in the hands of some good for nothing men in my previous relationship i had before..well if you know you that type of person that i am looking for then you can hit me back with your email address so that we can have some chat on yahoo messenger on skype if you have one...hope to hear from you soon?

my skype name is mavisbrown5

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dawn_string@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

my name is dawn im new on this dating site im here looking for something serious if you wanna know more about me you can get to know me with my yahoo id dawn_string@yahoo.com or text me with my number 478) 974-6158 add me now or text me if you not real please dont burder to text me or add me with my mail

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cutelittle91@yahoo.com rosejoyce26@gmail.com joyce.kumah01 SCAM confirio.com

How nice to meet such an interesting man like you, are here on this site! I want you to know from the start that I have an intention to find a life partner - I do not need any kind of temporary entertainments or affairs. I am not the person of the kind. I have no wish to become someone's toy. I want to find a man who will see a real woman with loving heart and sincere soul in me. Hopefully he will be an honest, loyal, affectionate and caring man, and i will be very happy for you to contact me on here so that i will send you a picture of me and get to know more about each other hope to hear from you soon ..This is my personal Address you can contact me on this if you are interested to meet or chat with me ..
Y/ MAIL : C/U/T/I/E/L/I/T/T/L/E/9/1@/Y/A/H/O/O/./C/O/M
G/ MAIL : R/O/S/E/J/O/Y/C/E/2/6/@/G/M/A/I/L/./C/O/M
S/K/Y/P/E/ : J/O/Y/C/E/./K/U/M/A/H/0/1

West African scammer

Do you want to avoid being scammed, by a stupid, young,black male in West Africa, who is too pathetic to make a an honest living? Learn to google email addresses for new 'friends', use google image search, and never send money. These west african pigs are not that smart. You have to be stupid to fall for these scams, and temporary stupidity happens to all of us, sometimes. Get smart. Protect yourself. The info that may help you avoid being scammed may be online, now, if you know to look for it!

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jonesclara20@gmail.com SCAM confirio.com

hello, how are you doing?i think you have a nice profile here and i think i will like us to work something out like get to know each other and see where it leads..i just got a heart broke and am looking for a matured man who would treat me as is woman and not hurt me..i hope you are looking for the same too..i will like to hear your views..send me a mail at jonesclara20@gmail.com so that we can get to know each other better..i will stop here and wait for your mail to come..bye

kerryoma@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

Hello there,Am kerry,new on here and came across your profile,really want to get to know more about you there see where it leads to....can we chat on yahoo?if yes add me on kerryoma@yahoo.com

I am a person who looks beyond what may be the obvious. Character is worth more than flashiness.. I am a person who appreciates honesty and a great sense of humor.. I love to laugh and to enjoy the simple things in life. I would appreciate a person who has a good sense of who he is and a sense of direction about where he wants to be. I can appreciate a man who sees a woman as a friend and a partner... I know that men and women all have an inner child within and that is why I would appreciate days filled with fun and laughter. I respect and adhere to taking care of business in life--family, work, community, etc Yet, I know life involves alance. I look for the good in most situations and choose to look for the good in others. I know that life involves give and take and that what you seek--is that you must be willing to give and demonstrate yourself. I am a romantic at heart. I like to be appreciated and complimented to which I would do the same for that special someone.....

softerbecker@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

Sir, I browsed over your profile and I like everything I see there about you. I hope you take a moment and look over mine and if you like what you see, hit me back on my private email: softerbecker@yahoo.com or you text me on here 15712944760 . I have no time to reply to your email here often due to over populated fake men here who doesn't exist and don't seem to be what they say they are. Hoping to read from you and know you better ! softer

This picture is stolen and reported in previous scams.
Report at romancescam.com

Fauziyacares@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

Greetings to you lovely one ,My name is Ayisha and single with no kids,I am a very down to earth guy who loves to lough and have fun ,I am very honest and care,i am seeking to find friends or maybe more , I dream to find a kind, caring, attentive man. My man should be loving and understanding. I am looking for a man who loves children. I dream to find a romantic man. I also think that it is very important for a man to have a good sense of humor...Thank you for reading my email and kindly reply me dear

maryjacobs2929@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

How are you? I am Mary Jacobs. I am 30 years of age, single and never married. I am a Nurse by profession. I am sweet, loving, caring, sincere, cheerful, romantic and very understanding. I am a one man woman and i do not disappoint. I do enjoy bowling, watching movies,doing karaoke and reading novels.Loneliness and boredom had led me to the internet thing.All i want is to love and be genuinely loved. Kindly tell me about yourself please. kindly send me a message via email....maryjacobs2929@yahoo.com

Virginia_Navy50@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

hello good day, i am Virginia . i am new to the internet and most especially to this site i am single and searching but i need to meet the right man.then i must continue by saying that seeing your picture i must say i like your personality and will like us to talk better and u meet me well at my email okay will be waiting to hear from you as soon as possible. Virginia Navy, best regards.

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brendadawson121@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com is full of SCAMMERS!

Hello how are you am new to this site, my name is Brenda am 30yrs old single never been married with no kids and and am seeking for the right man for me and a serious relationship so you can hook me up on my personal info brendadawson121 at yahoo dot com and also my IM messenger or reply me with yours hope to hear from you..

This is a West African scammer, using stolen pictures. Confirio if full of scammers!

Nunnerydebbi@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

My Name is Debbi Nunnery From Dallas Texas 75001 I am a widow love to date an older man that is cool with my Look I am a loving,caring woman and I am not afraid to laugh at myself. I love to laugh and to make others laugh. Looking for that special honest older man to cuddle on the couch watching TV or taking a walk holding hands Love is the answer, so thats why am here to find for a true love, am simple andcaring looking for the right man from any part of the world that is willing to love me here let get to know each other better I will really love to get to know you more better here is my phone number 972-559-4511 text each other my yahoo messenger chat is Nunnerydebbi@yahoo.com let chat now

debbied353@Yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

Hello how u doing? Hope u good. Was exploring the site when i came across your profile and then decided to drop a message. Mind we getting to know eachother better. Am Debbie 36 years old single , I cant wait to hear back from you soon or ou should add me on Messenger debbied353@Yahoo.com or you should drop your contact

janet_s84@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com 8033104311

How are you doing there ? I am Millicent who is here for real without play games and have all what you want in a woman

Looking for an honest, loving and thoughtful man. A man who would be able to share not only joys but also sorrows of life. A man who would support me in everything. And I am ready to give all my love and care in return. I just want to find true happiness.Love isn't finding the perfect person, it is finding the imperfect person and seeing how they are perfect,,,,,text me ,,,,,eightzerothreethreetenfourthreeeleven ,,,,,,(-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4311 you can reach me on janet_s84@yahoo.com

This is a stolen picture of 'Allison Angel' being used in scams by West African criminals. Do not send money!
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victoriaperry307@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

I am willing to share my life with someone that's honest, caring and a whole lot more, I read your profile, can i know more about you? to start with, I will like to see more of your pictures, I will send mine to you too as soon as you give me your email address, here is my email address (victoriaperry307@yahoo.com) ,i am looking forward to hear from you soon,

i am good and responsible women thats good and caring women , am not her for games or something hard , am here to meet a good an responsible man , am a very hard working women , i love to travel and have fun around... i dont lie and i hate to be lied too , am a free open minded women ...looking for the right man for me i want a happy family ...and i know what love is ,,, if you are not serious please dont contact me ...

Sometimes I'm amazed at the pictures West African scammers use on dating site profiles, but this one seems a little appropriate.

Maybe this is a 'visa and travel' scam and 'she' needs money to travel to Washington, DC?

Saturday, June 14, 2014

bbsafina@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

I know I am not that pretty GIRL type, but I have a good heart. I would truly enjoy getting to know you better. I know the hardest thing to do in life is to find someone you truly click with. I think we have things in common and would like to chat and see what happens. Please read my profile and let me know what you think? Kindly add me up for a chat on yahoo. my IM handle is bbsafina Your Friend, fina

The best way to describe myself would be to say:I would long the hours of work each day because of what I treasured at home. I'm a spiritual woman who looks past the outer lining of a person to find the goodness in their heart, in their soul. I am not looking for physical perfection - after all so many of the "Beautiful People" just seem to be hung up on themselves. I feel Integrity is probably the best " I am different only because I am unlike anyone else out there. Yet to look at my picture I'm much the same; but inside I am uniquely different. I'm soft heated and really care about people

This is a male scammer in West Africa, using stolen pictures, and attempting to steal money from stupid men. Don't be one!

Scam confirio.com varaayimah@yahoo.com

Hi handsome, My name is Vera, i am single with no kids never married before..i just joined site and a picture and i would be very glad if we could contact each other and get to know each other better and share some pictures as well and if your interested , You can email or add me to your yahoo messenger list and i will be willing to hear from you. (varaayimah@yahoo.com Thanks I'm online

roseluz82@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

My name is rose and am just a single lady that has never been married and also i have no kids and i will like and wish we can get to know one another,you can also text me 719) 749-1478

you can mail me roseluz82@yahoo.com

Am rose,may i meet you?,am a christian and God fearing,Cute,nice,smart and passionate,,You look cute and wouldn't mind having more to do with you,would you like us to meet and know more about us?would you please reply if you are interested in serious relationship.You can mail me at roseluz82@yahoo.com..and i hate been hurt cause many guys has hurt and i dont want such thing to happen to me aging..

jamesjanet140@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

I am really a very sincere woman when it comes to sharing feelings and emotions with that special man i am down to heart honest about the things i say and do cause i don't like hurting peoples feelings all i want is to making my man happy all the time let give each other a trial may be you are the man that can making me happy when am sad i need an honest man that wont ever cheat or let me down and i also promise you that you wont ever regret that you meet an honest and caring woman called Janet. mail me on jamesjanet140@yahoo.com tell me all about you and your love experince and ii will do the same with pics

Just to say hi to the most responsible man who knows the values of his wife,kiss to you ,am here looking for the honest and caring man that will be there for me in times of good and bad because real love need to share together through bitterness and sweetness,let me have your number and my yahoo email JAMESJANET140@YAHOO.COM AND MY FACEBOOK NAME ARE JANET DEBBY JAMES letgive each other a trial may be you are the only man am seaching for sine all this day.

janie_william@yahoo.co.uk SCAM confirio.com is full of scammers!

I want a man that is honest, concern, caring, sharing, loving and loyal. A man with a shoulder i can lean on right now due to what am going through at the moment. A man that his outgoing, funny but not like a clown all the time. A man that is kind not critical, not anal but easy going,spontaneous, affectionate and generous with his feelings, and time. He should like to go out and keep active. add up on my yahoo messanger janie_william@yahoo.co.uk for better conversation

lil.true@ymail.com SCAM confirio.com

Hello my dearest. How Are you doing , hope you are doing much great there, i,m glad to also reach you on here now, because i really like what i see in your profile and i would be happy if we can able to give chance to each other much better, so we can have great opportunity by also getting to know each other much better i would like to leave you my private mail address which you can also contact me there. and after i would be glad to also get back to you, after hearing from you too. Here it is lil.true@ymail.com Yours sincerely Gina

sqwert12322@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

Hello dear how are you doing i am Susan from Savannah,GA it's nice meeting you on here text me now 678-374-9728 lets get to know each other better or Email me (sqwert12322@yahoo.com)

I am a very affectionate person and I love to make people happy and I like to show somebody how I feel not just telling them i am looking for a honest man and kindhearted that i can share my life with and I love to be close to my man and to make him feel the happiness of being loved

brainflorence@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

how are you doing there i will love you to talk to you am not here for game am not here for fun am here looking for serious man that i can spend all the rest of my life,,you can add me from yahoo so that we can talk more better,,brainflorence@yahoo.com

Am florence by name am from iowa 32yrs am abusiness lady selling and buying antiques am here looking for serious man that i can spend all the rest of my life with am not for fun Am florence by name am from iowa 32yrs am abusiness lady selling and buying antiques am here looking for serious man that i can spend all the rest of my life with am not for fun Am florence by name am from iowa 32yrs am abusiness lady selling and buying antiques am here looking for serious man that i can spend all the rest of my life with am not for fun Am florence by name am from iowa 32yrs am abusiness lady selling and buying antiques am here looking for serious man that i can spend all the rest of my life with am not for fun

This is a West African scammer, not the lady in the stolen picture. HE will claim he is on a trip to Africa to buy 'antiques', and has some emergency he needs money for. Do not send money. You are dealing with a black, male, criminal, not the lady in the pictures.

Friday, June 13, 2014

monicaanderson32@yahoo.com, monicaanderson30@live.com SCAM confirio.com

I am looking for love. I am hoping to find a man who will respect and love me for the rest of my life.. I am fun loving caring faithful easygoing and have a sense of humor. I am very understanding and very passionate. I like to eat out at times, travel, socialize occasionally, not into pubs and clubs much anymore but go out occasionally to let my hair down, as you cant work and have no fun eh! I am very sweet by my nature, at the same time I passionate. I can tell you a lot about myself. I know that life is not so kind to everybody but we need to use each chance and be happy. I am that person, I can say even more I am a personality, who knows how to treat my man and how to make a house a home. I smile a lot, not only because I have white teeth, joking, because life is incredible and I really can make you happy. I propose you to know me better and than we will see what happen. You can also ADD me Up my my yahoo messenger, monicaanderson32@yahoo.com, monicaanderson30@live.com

kindly.maria@yahoo.com basira.lovely@gmail.com SCAM confirio.com

Can we take a chance? Am by name,Maria I joined here today and honestly, it's good so far. Am right here willing to meet a man who's caring, loving, understanding, truthful, faithful, loyal, God fearing, affectionate and honest man to build a long term relationship with him that could possible leads us to marriage... If you are interested in getting to know me much better, u can easily reach me at ( kindly.maria @ Y a h o o . C om ) through Instant Y a h o o M e s se n g e r or by e - m a i l for us to continue knowing more about each other there, share pictures and see where it will surely leads us to ... Thanks very much and am hoping to hear from you soon ....... Same goes as ..... E - M a i l : {{ kindly.maria @ Y a h o o . C om }} I M : ( kindly.maria ) Email Address : kindly.maria /@/y/a/h/o/o/./c/o/m G mail Address : basira.lovely /@/g/m/a/i/l/./c/o/m

rolandmary74@yahoo.co.uk SCAM confirio.com

Hello how are you doing? i am Mary Roland by name, i am from Texas corpus christi, I am 29 years old .. i am new on here I saw your profile on this site and i like it, i would love to get to know more about you if you don't mind, I am single never been married before and looking for my soul mate, I like people who are real, have something genuine to offer, I want to meet people and mingle! I Love God and i Believe in Him, you?...Life is so beautiful to live alone? No way....Life is meant to be spent happily with a companion and someone to share the good and the bad time with, that is what brought me on this online dating seeking a relationship..Are you?..Id like to get to know you,, lets talk via e-mail and get to know each other, you can send me a mail to rolandmary74@yahoo.co.uk so we can get to know each other alot better, Send me an email telling me about yourself and i will reply with my pictures and also send you an email telling you more about myself ...i will be waiting for your reply..

eve_gidi@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too,so remember how it felt when yours was broken.You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you will never get back.This year is full of blessings, joy and happiness, may your wishes and dreams come through..... It's your turn to write me if only u are looking for a serious relationship..Thank you....My email address is eve_gidi(at)yahoo take care and hope to hear from you soon.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

oncara.wesley@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

Hello, am cara. hope u doing good. It really nice reading your profile and I found it so interesting, I would really like to correspond with you and get to know each other better, go check out my profile as well and get back to me oncara.wesley@yahoo.com if you are interested.

nancybaker5643@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

How are you doing, I really adore your profile picture, You are very handsome and i will like to know more about you if you don't mind you can text me 614 398 0704 or add me nancybaker5643@yahoo.com....Hope to read back

catlover7329@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

your profile really made me smile, and it left me itching to know more about you. I can't wait to meet you in person and ask you hundreds of silly questions. So I'll start now: what's the one luxury you'd take to a desert island? Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine! let talk better on Yahoo messenger (catlover7329@yahoo.com)

emparker2002@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

Hey, How are you, I am Em, I am new on the site, a little about me, I'm a very down to earth person, caring, passionate, loving and honest..I'm family oriented. I'm looking for a caring, loving, passionate, honest, supportive, family oriented man and that wants something serious without the mind games. I would like to hear from you. You can email me: emparker2002@yahoo.com Hope to hear from you soon

Ednacute20@yahoo.com Ednacute711@gmail.com

Hello how are u doong and how is ur day with you am Edna 30 yrs of age singel, I am tender caring woman, who is searching for her Romeo. I think I don't ask for something supernatural, I just want to be happy. I am happy with everything in my life, but I am longing for true love to rush into my life and fill it with bright rays of joy and happiness. My heart is full of unshared warmth, tenderness, love and care. I need a man who is ready to share these feelings and be Knight of my heart. Are you ready to fight for it and be my winner? I am family-oriented lady and serious in my intentions. I can be passionate as a lioness, tender as a cat and stately as a swan. Just drop me a line, you won't regret! and we can meet and get to know each other very well on yahoo messager or gmail {Ednacute20@yahoo.com} or {Ednacute711@gmail.com} Greg from Hartford ct USA 46yrs

This stupid scammer can't keep his gender or name straight. He uses the name princesslarry711 on confirio.com

susanchapman971@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

i would like to get to know you better maybe something good and long lasting might come out of it send me back your personal email or email me on susanchapman971atyahoodotcom will appreciate you emailing me more better and will be looking forward to read back from you in email

I guess some call me a "hot" nerd, I'm a pretty simple chick, grounded, NO DRAMA & NO BAGGAGE, funny, love to laugh, foodie and wino, and always have a positive great attitude. I have a lot of passion in life. I love my job! I love my dogs but I'm not one of those that has pictures with them all over my house. I work long hours and looking for a beautiful distraction to want me to leave work! I live in the heights, workout in the galleria, keep sane and live life like there is no tomorrow. I love to travel I've been several places around the world. I get asked a lot "why are you still single?" It's by choice, I've been focusing on my career and now that I'm in a great place, I'm looking for a great guy to spend my free time with!

gorgeous5g@yahoo.com amina352@gmail.com SCAM confirio.com

Hello Handsome, How are you doing today and hope you are doing good and My Real name is Amina and Am 35yrs old single with 1 kids never married and i am kindly new to this dating site and just joined less than 10 minute now and was introduce this site by a friend of mine and i am with all honest loyal truthful understanding respectful kind faithful compassionate affectionate romantic and treat my man with the maximum respect he deserves and looking for the right man for my life to spend the rest of my life with and do you have access to y a h o o messenger Id and can u add me on( G o r g e o u s 5 g @ y a h o o . c o m )....( A m i n a 3 5 2 @ g m a i l . c o m ) now so that we can chat now and get to know more about each other and also share pictures...thank you and take care. Amina

am single and new on here,looking for some one special to share the rest of my life with,hope to meet that special person and i will tell you the rest later cos we don't know what the future have for us and i hope you understand what i mean,take care and stay bless and hopefully willing to hear from you soon.

This is a stolen picture, and appears to be one of 'Julie', an online model who is not involved in scams, but her pictures are in heavy use by West African scammers.

lancewhitley@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

Hello Handsome ,How are you doing?i would like to know u bet be good friends and am sure something deeper will spring from there...My name is lance Whitley and i am just as simple as u want ..age is just a number to me as and distance as long as there is honest,trust,understanding,believe and communication all the time..i am looking for a caring,good,understanding,god fearing,easy going man for a nice relationship and i live With my Uncle ,Here is my cell number (417)501-9823 or add me on yahoo lancewhitley at yahoo dot com so i will like you to tell me more about u so we can know each other better cos am not here to play Games cos life is too short for Games..i am on line right now so we can have a chat and get to know one another better...Thanks for being patient enough to read ..ill be expecting your response...Hope to talk to you soon!!!or u can add me on yahoo messenger lancewhitley@yahoo.com thanks

Hello am lance whitley from NC am a simple lady with honesty and gentle spirit if you wanna more about me txt me on my cell phone 4175019823 thanks i just wanna know the feel of dating online never done that before now..........so i pray and believe i will the right man to call my own down here father please help me out of these

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text me 8603852684 or email me at sexymariam201@gmail.com hello how are you doing today am mariam by name am new on here and i came across your profile and it was so attractive i will love to no you more better than this text me 8603852684 or email me at sexymariam201@gmail.com

text me 5072913659 Hello,how are you doing,It was nice to write you,i really want you to know you seem and sound good in your CL profile and i will really like us to lets get to know each other and maybe we can have something in common and see where it will lead us to,so if you have any question,i will be here to answer you with honesty. Cares,Mariam Chat Conversation End text me 5072913659

Sandrascott890@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com WEST AFRICAN SCAMMER

Hey!!!. Writing to someone you have never met or talked to before,I think its extremely difficult. Take this message for instance,I had all the words in my head but could not seem to put a coherent sentence together, was going to start with hello, hi there , whats up lol...... or hey, how are you today??... but it just seemed too blunt for me so I went with Hey!. Anyway I will get to the pulse of it all.I saw your profile , thought to send you a mail . , let me know what you think. Let me tell you a secret , My name is Sandra Scott...i saw your profile on here.Am new in the site and i saw your profile there and that is why i contact you...lol. love to get a reply from you .... Sandrascott890@yahoo.com AND if you are on yahoo messenger you can add me as Sandrascott399@yahoo.com

I am looking for a serious relationship and a man that will take me as his beloeve and care for wife please scammer don't mail me I am been caution , gamers and cheaters please don't wait to say hi ..... I am looking for somethings serious and really wanting

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

bridgintly@yandex.ru Visa and travel scam RUSSIA

Hello!! How are you?
My name is Nataliya, I am not familiar with you I mused a few days but I have decided to write to you.
I got your email in marriage agency
I should admit I liked your data info. I will happy to see more your pics.
Please tell me of you more in letter.
We have ability from school to arrive in your country for excursion in next month on 3 weeks. What you think about the meeting? We can drink coffee or spend day together I would like to have friends there when I will come in your country.
I will happy if your answer me.
I will send you more my pics
Nataliya :-))

This is a scam. You will be asked to send money to help this person travel to your city. The pictures are stolen. You are in contact with a MALE scammer, not the girl in the pictures.


luenaj009@gmail.com SCAM confirio.com 'see julie' pics

Hi Cute, How are you doing today i hope every thing is going on fine with you. I am Luena by name I am new to this online personals though have registered long time ago i never use it, now i think i would love to meet that man for me i just want to have a conversation to know you better just to see if we have things in common, I crossed out your profile while checking out people on the web site and thought i should drop you a line to see if we can correspond. am really interested in you and ready to move on with you to any extend you want to go with me if we are compartable, i think you might have all the qualities i want in a man and am really serious to let you know that i am one man woman, wish to meet a one woman man too, You will love to be with a woman like me, I am seeking a very serious and long term relationship. I am one man woman seeking love and happiness with that special man. With a one woman man. have got to tell you more about me but i would love to receive your message at my persona email box (luenaj009@gmail.com) waiting to hear from you cute. Let me know more about you, what are you looking for? Regards, Luena..

This is a West African scammer using stolen pictures of model 'Julie'. Her pictures are heavily used by scammers.

florascott1982@gmail.com SCAM confirio.com

Hi How Are You Doing Am Flora Scott Am New To This Online Stuff I Will Love To Know More About You If You Care To Talk More Email Me On My Direct Email florascott1982@gmail.com

Single Sexy Honest Loving Caring Looking For Soul Mate Someone I Can Relocate With And Spend The Rest Of My Life With.....Single Sexy Honest Loving Caring Looking For Soul Mate Someone I Can Relocate With And Spend The Rest Of My Life With......Single Sexy Honest Loving Caring Looking For Soul Mate Someone I Can Relocate With And Spend The Rest Of My Life With

This is a west african scammer using stolen pictures of 'Karla Spice'. You are not in contact with the lady in the pictures.

Want to avoid online romance scams?

MANY of the current scams are already reported, online.
Victims often tell me 'I didn't know this happened....'.
The information you need to understand you are being scammed is probably online, now, if you know to look!
GOOGLE the email address of that new person you meet, online. The email address may have been reported in use in scams, already.
Learn to use Google Image search. Many of the pictures used by scammers have been used over and over, for years, with different names, and different locations, and stories.
Always expect to see a face on webcam, and not just once, for a few seconds.
Don't send money! PERIOD. There is no reason to send money to somebody you only know from the internet, or phone calls. Real people in danger do not sit in front of a computer, asking strangers for help.
Keep your expectations for online relationships based in reality. If you manage to avoid the scammers, you will then have to wade through other ladies (Or men) who are only after financial support, or immigration to your country. Most guys seem to think the promise of sex with a young lady is worth the risk of future financial and legal problems, and heartbreak. If you are looking for a a serious relationship, there is no 'magic' online. Most of the same rules for relationships apply, and you have the additional problems of cultural differences.
These scams are not very sophisticated. YOU have made a decision to accept the fantasy they offer.

Search anybody by name, e-mail address, phone number, online username or even friends in your address book and instantly return lots of info.

truelies188@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

I have open personality, good health and an understanding heart. I am a humble and understanding woman with a caring heart.I need a passionate man to drink coffee, watch movies, take an intimate bath and make passionate love together everyday. I don't have the luxury of wasting time. Believe me, my intention to seek your love is most honorable and entirely sincere. I would like to communicate with you and learn more about you. my emial address is truelies188@yahoo.com. you can mail me back or add me so that we can share pics and get to know more about each other

How tall are you? 7'2" (218.44 cm.)
How much do you weigh? 283 lbs. (128 kg.)

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I am easygoing, positive, kind, caring and sincere person. My character is nice and open. I am sociable and have a good sense of humor. But I am a woman and need a strong man next to me, a strong shoulder and in return I will give him all my love, I will surround him with care and comfort. I am a decent and faithful woman, trust is very important for me. well you can contact me on vichart120@yahoo.com or Skype:rose.nyarko23