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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

glorialambey29@yahoo.com SCAM

glorialambey1 on fishmeetfish
Stolen pic of model Lana Brooke
Am Gloria form the USA in new york city and am new here i wish we could use this site to get to no more about our self dear and also nice to meet you here dear this is my ID mglorialambey29@yahoo.co if u wish for me to be your friend mail me and let chart and take more about our self your friend to be Gloria than you dear?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

cryforrealgoodlove@yahoo.com SCAM

cryforreallove on fishmeetfish
Hello babe how are you doing and how is your day going, if you got this message me back you can tell me more about yourself and what exactly your looking for, you can email me here directly to get to know each other better, cryforrealgoodlove@yahoo.com, hope to hear back from u Lasandra
Stolen picture of 'Ann Angel'
See romancescam.com for other scammers using pictures of 'Ann Angel'

Thursday, February 21, 2013


rina55 on fishmeetfish
Stolen picture of white lady used by West African scammer
My name is gina am 33 years Old,I am Single (Three years ago),Dirty blonde hair, Blue eyes, My height is 5 feet,6 inches.i weight 58kg.,Long Hair and a healthy Lady. I am self-sufficient, Beautiful, happy, secure, self-confident, psychologically aware, emotionally and financially secure.I was also born and raise in texas, but came here to settle down and work and by his grace i have settled safely and working hard now,I love poetry, books, walks on the beach and cozy candlelight dinners. I enjoy movies, television, music, traveling, the desert, the quietness of the mountains, the ocean, sunrises and sunsets.I am new to fishmeetfish.com and i was browsing through profiles when i came across your profile and find you mail address so i decided to correspond with you and get to know more about each and other and see where it will lead us to....How long have you been on untrue.com and what made you joined on here ?? Tell me more about you and i will be looking forward to hear from you soon and this my email sweetsalma555@yahoo.com

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


joygrace939 on fishmeetfish
ello dear friend, i am joy morgan by name, single looking for that honest,loving,faithful and understanding man for a serious relationship,i am from London... christian catholic, my previous relationship ended up as heartbreak... we can be friends and know more of each other... here my yahoo messenger ID joygrace939 also my yahoo email as joygrace939@yahoo.co.uk await your warm reply.. Joy cares

applekim46@yahoo.com SCAM

applekim46 on fishmeetfish
Uses stolen picture, this is actually a West African scammer.
hi dear
you look nice and cool, i will like to get to know you much better so send me an email and tell me all about yourself.

felicia_s7@yahoo.com SCAM

Hello My name is felicia I am tall ,good looking, perfect body figure and sexy. I saw your profile and was delighted to contact you, I hope you will be the true loving, honest and caring man that I have been looking 4, And I have something special to tell you about me, So please contact me directly through my email address (felicia_s7@yahoo.com)so that I can also send my picture directly to you. regards felicia_s7

Sunday, February 17, 2013

chizzykesh@yahoo.com SCAM

am new on this site.am chizzy 25 single never married no kids searching for a real relationship.am real.add me on yahoo messenger or email me at chizzykesh@yahoo.com or add me on skype:chizzy.kesh will be expecting your response. do have a nice day chizzy kesh

happyheart_33@yahoo.com SCAM

happyheart33 on fishmeetfish
Hello handsome
how are you doing today ? i hope you are doing good as am doing out here .I am new into all this and i just see your incredible profile & you are stunning, gorgeous actually. I saw your profile and it caused and unusual impact, I am interested in you. You have such a nice profile. Have you found the one that you are looking for? if not then ... I wish we could be very serious and get to know more about each other,i really like your pics and your smile. try and email me more about your self and i will tell you more about my self hope to hear from you soon. take care have a nice day email me
Take care and have good day
Stolen picture of 'Ann Angel'

swilly74@yahoo.com SCAM

qaqa111 on fishmeetfish

looking for someone as real as me who likes kids and likes to have a fun time. I like to laugh so someone with a good sense of humor is important but also knows when it's time to be serious.Passionate and caring are good traits for I am both. I don't have a type and what attracts me to one man is usually completely different from what attracts me to another. I believe everyone has their own certain charm and it's my luck and pleasure to figure out what it is
West African scammer using stolen picture of Tammy Tate, a porn model

dianapotter2012@yahoo.com SCAM

Dianapotter2012 at fishmeetfish

My name is dianapotter, i was born and raised in dallas texas, i am new to this online relationship, i don't know online relationship comes to real until i witness it. I read through your profile and i like it, if you like mine also, you can reach me through my email account dianapotter2012@yahoo.com and also on facebook diana potter, i will be looking forward to hear from you on my email and facebook account, Diana.

leenkath55@yahoo.com SCAM

sweetluck33 on fishmeetfish
hey how are you doing there? i am new here i saw your profile and i will love to get to know you better,did you care to chat? you can add me so that we can chat better. leenkath55@yahoo.com waiting to chat with you there soon

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

melissaharden13@yahoo.com SCAM

hmelissa on fishmeetfish
Stolen pic, looks like 'See Julie'....this is actually a West African scammer, not the girl in the pic.
What a nice and sparkling smile. I wouldn't trade that smile for anything. I don't know you, I was searching for a soul mate,when i stumbled on your profile. I got entangled in that wonderful smile, couldn't stop myself from saying hello. i hope my message meets you in a good mood? Please always wear that smile and i just threw a coin Into a wishing well and wished that you write me as well and that was my last coin lol. you can add me on yahoo chat if you dont mind, here is my yahoo IM name melissaharden13@yahoo.com

tammyglen94@yahoo.com SCAM

tammyglen94 on fishmeetfish
Hello there , My name is Tammy ,single searching for a honest and sincere man that is gonna be my best friend and we gonna to where it goes from there , i am new on here , i joined few days ago and i was searching for profile that are suitable for my personality and i came across yours which sound very interesting , i will love to start a conversation with you and see where it lead us .. add me yahoo so that we can chat and get to know more about each other, you text me 1 (518) 656-6351 .. add me yahoo IM or email me on tammyglen94/at/yahoo/dot/com or email .i will be looking forward to hear from you , have a great day

Asianlonelyhearts.com New, scam free site!

Asianlonelyhearts.com is a new, free dating site, set up by a scambaiting friend of mine. He needs members to get it started. The site is free, and as 'scam free' as possible. AsianLonelyHearts.com

Monday, February 11, 2013

comfort_smith@rocketmail.com SCAM

comi at fishmeetfish
I saw your profile i must confess that I am looking for honesty,loyalty,faithfulness above all else,I am ready to share all aspects of my life.I am easily pleased by simple things that people have to offer, no need for frills with me,.I believe in respecting people and being respected in return.I believe that love is a growing process,and that beauty and true love come from deep within a person's soul.I am not into playing head games,lying or cheating.I am 100% honest,100% of the time,looking for the same in a man. I enjoy all types of activities,music and ovies.Just ask me anything about anything,I am willing to share.I have no secrets and nothing to hide,I am not ashamed of my life or of all that I have been through.It has only made me a stronger,and better person. I do not believe in judging people,but I do believe that everyone has the right to choose how to live their lives the way that they see fit to live it.I myself choose to follow Christ and live the best that I can for Him. If you're interested in finding out more about me,feel free to drop me an email,or IM me. Hey let's find out if we're compatible, or not, we have nothing to lose. We could become good friends or more, only God knows for sure. hope too hear from u soon...................this my yahoomail..........comfort_smith@rocketmail.com

Sunday, February 10, 2013

nyanathsamuel@yahoo.com SCAM

Hello I hope you'll not be surprise to see my mail? I'll like us to exchange good relationship. I am Nyanath by name, My Email ( nyanathsamuel@yahoo .com ) Have a good day and waiting to hear from you.(nyanathsamuel at ya h oo.com)

suzannekoppe@yahoo .com SCAM

From Miss Suzanne Koppe.
Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire
Tel. +22545249196
MY EMAIL /suzannekoppe@yahoo .com
Compl iments of the season and how you are today I hope fine. Before I proceed I would like to introduce myself to you, My name is Miss Suzanne koppe, an Accountant with a bank in Abidjan Cote D'ivoire West Africa. I will like you to indicate your interest to receive the transfer of US$9 Million. I got your contact from the Internet on my search for Honest/ Reliable person or company to execute this business together.
On September 2nd 1998, an oil contractor with the ABIDJAN COTE D'IVOIRE National Petroleum Corporation MR AL SAUD, BANDAR AMIN .who was supposed to get marry to me made a numbered time (fixed) deposited for twelve calendars valued at US9 million United States dollars in my branch. Upon Maturity,
I sent a routine notification to his forwarding address but got no reply. After a month, I sent a reminder and finally no response then i know from his contact employers COTE D'IVOIRE National Petroleum Corporation that MR AL SAUD, BANDAR AMIN, died in plane crash .
See below/ the site list of his name.
http://e dition.cnn.com/WORLD /9809/swissair.victi ms.list/index.html
http://ww w.airliners.net/avia tion-forums/general_ aviation/read.main/9 16128/
On further investigation, I found out that he did not leave a WILL and all attempts to trace his next of kin were fruitless which he explained to me before he died in a plan crashed which he also asked me to look for any good person that can help me out to make sure that this money is been transfer out from this country so that i can use it for investment he made this as a promised before be died. I also made further investigation and discovered that MR AL SAUD, BANDAR AMIN did not declare any next of kin in all his official documents, including his Bank Deposit paperwork. This sum of US$ (Nine million
This is a scam, don't fall for this.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

soniajeff39@yahoo.com SCAM

am Sonia 26 years old single never married,im from Arizona schooling from oxford university UK,Well,i will like to know more about you to,Thanks Sonia
Good Morning Honey,i wonder why i did here from you since all this while i hope your Ok,i was thinking if you dont want me to meet you in person because you never say anything about my coming,i will like to see you before going back to school and will have to both talk over it,Thanks Sonia
i travel to my uncle place of work in Africa because school is not in session for now,i can travel but i dont know how you want it,Thanks Sonia
i will like to travel may be next weekend but i cant afford all the money for now,buying ticket gonna cost me $1,450 and i dont have all to that now i only have $350 for now i cant afford to buy ticket now
am on desk top here dear and you gonna see me soon,i have to forward you my uncle driver info here,
Honey use the information below,is my uncle driver information .
Honey please make the payment via western union outlet nearest to you and immediately you make the payment kindly send the MTCN number information to my Email so that i can send my uncle driver to the bank immediately,honey am really sorry to making you worried ok,I love you ,I miss my man so bad,Thanks Sonia

hz_cindy@yahoo.com SCAM

kubi at fishmeetfish
Uses stolen pics of porn actress 'Raven Riley'
Raven Riley
how are you doing today and your working place am new on here and i will love we chat and share more pic and get to know about each other well hz_cindy@yahoo.com is my email hope to hear from you soon

smithperry741@yahoo.com SCAM

coded on fishmeetfish
Hello Handsome How Are You Doing? Am Perry From USA Single,Honest Faithful Have The Fear Of God Come From A GOOD And Honest Family Care Love Understand Trust,Seeking For True Love Understand Careing Love Trust Honest Faithful Have The Fear Of God Understand,I Love To No More About You And Like You Too To No More About Me,Cos Am Looking For My Soulmate So That We Can Work Things Out Cos I Have Been Hurt So Many Time Now I m Looking For Some One That I Can Trust Spend The Rest Of My Life With And Be Together In Any Condition We Fine Our Self,Good Or Bad And Work It Out Together..Here Is My Id I Hope You Add Me,,smithperry741@yahoo.com I Hope To Hear From You Soon Have A Nice And Loving Day I hOPE tO Hear From You

Stolen picture of model 'Andi Pink'.

Friday, February 8, 2013

glorykone2@gmail.com SCAM

Glosy on fishmeetfish
West African MALE scammer
Hello dear, My name is Glory,am happy to contact you today. I come across your profile today and i fell like to have contact with you so that we can be friend.i will appreciate if you can send me a mail to my mail box so that i can tell you more about me and give you my photo . here is my email glorykone2@gmail.com.

jessy55927@yahoo.com SCAM

jordanjessy at fishmeetfish
Uses stolen pictures, this is actually a black West African, male, scammer.

Hello , Am jessy and i had just gone through your profile and wish to know more about you... Am single currently seeking for a relationship but not rushing myself........ I really appreciate and I would love if this conversation can go a long way but I don't come here often I will appreciate if you can hit me up with a message at jessy55927@yahoo.com because I do read that often and from there we can get to know each other better.

sarah _ waldrip6230@yahoo.com SCAM

sarah _ waldrip6230@yahoo.com
sarah6230 at fishmeetfish
Hey Cutie
,how re you doing today?my name is sarah ,i have been on and off this site since i set it uop but am back on now tho ,saw your profile and will really like too know more about you that is if u don't mind,i like to hang out at the beach some times,i play pool ,tennis,golf,i like sport ,i m a religious person ,i grew up from a religious home ,my dad was a catholic ,my mom was a baptist i liked it but i don't go to church often the days but i am spiritual,Blue is my favor color ,i enjoy friends,i like action movies and comedies ,i enjoy Mexican and Italian food,crab legs some times seafood.,i am a sport woman some times lol i enjoy sport,i enjoy hanging out on my leisure days,i enjoy travel ,i traveled a lot as a kida,I ,m open,outgoing ,cheerful ,Kind Hear ted joyful and very Appreciative, . I like to make jokes and laugh with people who know me. I have a great sense of humor and a life that other people tell me makes them feel good to be near me. I love people and I am always kind and friendly. I would like to tell you about my likes and dislikes. I like nature and animals,I like going to the country, to enjoy fresh air and see new things,i m new to there internet i m here to look for a soul mate to settle with cos i want to so so settle for my future cos life is too short for games just to let u know i m not the one for games i m here to look for that special man that knows how too make a woman happy,a serious real man with ambitions,a man that knows what he wants and want to go for it ,i hope this help u know a little about me okay you can feel free too send me emails too my private e-mail address on yahoo is sarah _ waldrip 6230 at yahoo dot com ok i look forward too chat with u soon. Sarah

lovescott74@yahoo.com SCAM

Uses stolen pictures of porn model 'Next door Nikki'
brownalis62 at fishmeetfish.com
on my opinion Relationship is The Ship,You are Captain... you are leader.. i will go step by step.. my man , i am looking for you!!!!!!! I want to meet a sociable and affectionate man. I want my man to be an attentive, kind and caring person. I hope that he will be a romantic person. I wish to feel nobleness, trembling and attention to me in order to understand with my soul and my heart that he is the man in this world for me and also reach me on lovescott74@yahoo.com


cathyjohn404 at fishmeetfish, a site full of scammers!
Hi handsome, U're welcome and thanks for the Interest..Well My name is Cathy and am new on here..U Profile seems so nice and i will like to get to know u better, but i am not comfortable with chatting on here, I will be glad if u can write to my email, so that we can get to know each other better, and i have some Pics to share with u over there... and we can also find a place to meet? Cathyjohn404@yahoo.com

Stolen pic of Lana Brooke, again...

glorialambey29@yahoo.com SCAM

I would be glad if we could use the possibilities of this site to get to know each other very much trough the sharing of the head and heart. What motivates you? What makes your heart leap with passion? Love ?Joy?....,
gloria glorialambey29@yahoo.com

Stolen pictures of porn model, Lana Brook, used heavily by scammers

Thursday, February 7, 2013

vennesaparker@ymail.com SCAM

vennesa4luv999 on fishmeetfish.com

Hello there,
Actually I,m new to here and would like to have a cool conversation with you now at the moment...You can add me or email me to vennesaparker@ymail.com i,m online now would like to send you some of my pictures thanks.i,m waiting on your reply..

This is a West African scammer using stolen pictures of porn model 'Selena Spice'.

KATEWILLIAMS11237@gmail.com SCAM

Hello Handsome
How are you doing?I do Came An cross your profile and It very Lovely and Awesome. I will like to know more about a man Like you, My name is kate single female Never Married and Have No Kids,I am new on this Online dating Scene and I Just wanted to know where this will lead to..
Well I am a Honest,Kind,Caring,Loyal,truthfully and God fearing Person, I am not here for any stupid games But I am Looking for a serious and Long term relationship. I don't Care about the Age or Distance cos I believe that when it is time for the Meeting I don't care about relocating, and I will Like to know More about a man Like you may be you are the Angel Sent down from God...
I will be Glad to hear back from you and Know more about you.. I do have a lot of Pics to share with you But I don't like double dating and I dont like staying on the Website that Much... So I will be Glad if you can Email me Directly into my Personals Add So we can continue our conversation there ..
Email Address::KATEWILLIAMS11237@gmail.com
or text me here on my cell..16463970929..Love to read back from you soon

malusililian@yahoo.com SCAM

ililian on fishmeetfish.com
Nice meeting you here, how are you today i will want us to be friends contact me here with my e-mail address (malusililian@yahoo.com) because i have a special reason why have contacted you so that i can send you my photos and also tell you more about myself here is my e-mail address( malusililian@yahoo.com ) you can also drop me your email mail address i am waiting to get a reply from you remember that co-lour, language or age and distance does not matter but understand matters Yours New Friend
Miss ililian

cynthiajones111@ymail.com SCAM

cynthiaL22 on fishmeetfish
Hello Friend, How are you? Guess fine. I'm young good looking girl,kind and friendly. Well i came through your profile and decided to drop you a note. Meanwhile i will like you write me something more about yourself and i will like you to Contact me through my private address.(cynthiajones111@ymail.com). while i get back at you including my picture? Have a very wonderful day. Thanks, cynthia.

Stolen picture, of course, this is a West African Scammer.

cutelovergurl46@gmail.com SCAM

michellelogsdon at fishmeetfish
Of course the pictures are stolen, and this is a West African scammer!

I am glad you wrote to me, it shows you are really interested in knowing me.Its good we get it started with some introduction so as to know who and what we want in relationship.
As you know that its myriads that someone has lots of interested men in here but its my choice to choose one,the one my heart goes for,someone i can lean on,to give me the love i have always wanted to have.So tell me about yourself,what you do and everything you need to tell me about yourself....and lets see how it goes from here. But anyway,Here`s a little info about me I like to go out to dinner, go dancing, go to the movies, workout, travel, see new things. I enjoy the simple things like the ocean, cuddling at home watching a movie with someone special, I`m a extremely romantic, passionate and affectionate woman.
I feel i let you know more about me,my personality,interests and hobbies.personality: I am an open minded person,trustworthy,cool,loving,caring,understanding,down to earth.I been straight and want same in return cos i wont treat people the way i don't want to be treated.As you know that Greatness lies in Simplicity,don't you think so?
Interests and hobbies: I like playing squash,listening to music,like traveling,dining out,love attending live jazz concerts.I like reading poetry,novels,arts and crafts.My favorites are:Thai food,French toast and red wine,favorite actor:Angelina Jolie,Fav color, blue... I like to draw cartoons, scetch use pastels watercolors, acylic paints & sculpt.
Likes:I like people been honest,truthful cos trust is a vital phenomenon.i like people with intelligence and a good sense of humor.
Dislikes:I get pissed off easily at people not trying to be real,i hate pretense and i feel trust should be the foundation of any good relationship.
I am a lips and eyes person. I heard them say that eyes is the window of our soul. I love to gazed at those eyes that speaks to my heart without saying a word... I am drawn to smiling eyes. & lips? And why lips? Because I'm such a big fan of a Kiss... There is nothing in this world that can recreate the touch and the feeling of a long passionate kiss that would melt your heart... I also enjoy lots of Hugs, talking, laughing, Holding hands, finding out that we have alot of things in common.
I am a quality woman who is confident, honest, kind, smart, fun, trustworthy, supportive, loving, loves kids, outgoing, down to earth, friendly, great sense of humor, sociable, respectful (I would always treat you with respect). I have a good morals, traditional values, I`m a lady who is a very good listener and someone that you could talk too about anything. I`m looking for a long term relationship and a life long lover. I also want someone that is honest with me at all times.
I Look forward to hearing from you very soon Hope your having a wonderful day!! Michelle

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Using a proxy and stolen pics. This is a West African scammer.
am new to online dating,never believed in it but just thought I'd give it a go and see what eventually happens if i could have my own date from here as others have got testimonies to have found their perfect date in here. As you know that its myriads that someone has lots of interested men in here but its my choice to choose one,the one my heart goes for,someone i can lean on,to give me the love i have always wanted to have. My email Address is melinarobin09@hotmail.com Please don't flirt me mail me.. Have a nice day!!! Melina.

This scammer uses various pictures of a lady who is supposed to be 34 years old, but has solid gray hair, looks older, and also sends pictures of what looks like a totally different woman with dyed blonde hair, and dark roots.

jonessonia66@yahoo.com SCAM

Hey...Wat up?I was browsing through members online that i saw your picture..wow your picture captured my heart and i can't resist hitting you up..Do you care for a chat?Here is my email ID..I'm jonessonia66 at ya hoooo dot com...I am online now

The picture used is stolen, and frequently used in romance scams.

cutelovergurl46@gmail.com SCAM

Hi, How are you doing.. I like your profile.. It sound interesting and fun.. I would like to get to know you better and see where it goes. Well. My name is Michelle Logsdon. I like to walk,play hockey and baseball. I like to go out to dinner, go dancing,go to the movies, workout, travel, see new things. I enjoy the simple things like the ocean, cuddling at home watching a movie with someone special. I`m a extremely romantic, passionate and affectionate woman. I am looking for a long term relationship! I would like to share some pics together if you don't mind getting to know me..You can email me on my private email address is cutelovergurl46@gmail.com. I will be waiting for your email so that i can send you some pictures. I hope i haven't bored you?
Uses stolen pictures of porn model 'Tiffany Diamond'

trustedheart877@gmail.com SCAM

How much i need you
You are my breath and everything to me. Words just can't express how much you are making the love that I have for you grow stronger and stronger each and every day. You have become a special part of my body and I love everything about you. Loving you is what I live for and making you happy is my mission. I promise to love and cherish you until the end of time. I just want you to handle the love that I have for you with care and so much affection. I love you now and I will continue to love you always and forever.,,,,,,,I will be very happy to hear from you soon

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

iamlaimacare01@yahoo.com SCAM

My name is Laima Ben, I am Single No Kid and i am 32yrs Old, what about you and you can text me over the Phone we can talk better okay...here is My cell Phone Number....You can Only text Me (425) 835-2483 or My a yahoo mail (iamlaimacare01@yahoo.com)

Sunday, February 3, 2013


kellysingle32 on datemefree.com
Claims to be in Tampa, FL, but this is a West African scammer using stolen pictures.
The pictures used are of 'webcam' girl, Janessa Brazil.
Hello how are you doing today...I hope you are well.I will like you to send me a pic of your self and you tell me more about your self...And where you from..