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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

onosluvs@hotmail.com SCAM


IP:   (German proxy)

This one is on chineselovelinks as 'Debby', in Germany, but uses the name 'Onos' in email.

'He' emailed me, using a German proxy.  This person is not in Germany, but in MALAYSIA, and is most likely a West African male, in reality.     Never send money to somebody you only know from the internet!

for your mail i really appreciate you finding time to write me ,how are you today and hows your day going for you so far ?hope you are having a nice day ,i would also like to know more about you .. ...I live alone with my mum and i work with her at a beauty salon,...truth is am very new to this internet thing if not for a close friend of mine who got married through this means ,so i decided to give it a try...

All i seek is a loving and caring man who is understanding ,a man who is ready to settle down and have a wonderful family of his own,am also the only child from my mum ...I believe that every woman has her special man. It`s not necessary that he speaks her language or may be he lives in another part of the world. I have not met my special man yet, but i believe my special man understands me, respects my opinion and choice. He takes care of me and i know that i am his Princess.....,I must tell you that am originally from france but my mum and dad had a misunderstanding so she and i moved to a country where she have a sister Malaysia ,and as i told you i work with her at a beauty salon .... i have a good friend here her name is pepe i normally visit her by weekends ,am not really an out door person cos i get so shy ,i love music a lot i like slow rocks and like high school love films like one tree hill ,i am a catholic and do you go to church.

Family is one beautiful thing i have ever wished for some day with the right man and build a wonderful family too under sincerity ,faithfulness ,honesty i believe there is so much more to building a good relationship ,it need understanding too ,tolerance ,being open minded to each other and most especially love ...... I´m very serious about relationship and that i´m indeed looking for my future husband, not for fun or part-time adventures . I´m only looking for true human quality in my future husband. I want the true beauty that lasts forever and that only can come from inside. As you know the outside beauty will fade away as one gets old, however the inside beauty actually glows..

You would agree with me that faithfulness ,honesty and sincerity is very very important .....I enjoy cooking a lot and i like listening to music when am less busy ,what kind of music and movies do you like ?

I would like to meet a man capable of expressing his love. He will be enough mature knowing what he wants in life and from relations with woman ,i value family a lot and i do hope to find a family of my own ,i cant say am the best woman or perfect woman on earth but i will certainly do all in my power to prove my love to a man who will show me the true meaning of love .....well i do wish we get to know more about each other take care of yourself and have a day..sorry for the long mail


hanna_tuti@yahoo.com NIGERIAN SCAMMER

This one claims to be in Granger, Indiana, but is actually in Nigeria.

Found on chineselovelinks.com


HE also has US cellular phone he asks you to text him at, to prove he is in the US.

This is a scam.  The pictures of the asian lady he sends are stolen.  You are actually in contact with a black male in Nigeria.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

More use of fake Travel Agents seen in Asian internet romance scams

Dragonladies.org has seen an increase in the use of 'fake' travel agencies in recent internet romance scams from Asia.  

These typically are suggested by the asian lady you are in contact with, and will involve the victim paying 'visa and travel' fees by Western Union, Moneygram, or directly to a bank account, to enable the lady to come to your country and meet you.

Please remember, most ladies from SE Asian countries can not get a tourist visa to western countries!   No 'agent' can bypass the normal Visa application procedures for your country.
This is a scam, and the sole purpose of 'the lady' being on contact with you.

You may be directed to a legitimate looking website for the Travel Agent, complete with 'testimonials' for good service.
      Check 'who is' for the creation date and ownership of the website.
      Copy one of the 'testimonials', and Google it.   You will probably see the same testimonial is in use, or has been used, but other Travel agency sites.....all fake!
   These fake sites, used to give credence to a request for money by a scammer, are typically created by West African scammers.    They include fake travel agency, bank, shipping or courier, and virtually any other type of commercial site.

   Please, there is NO reason for you to pay money in these situations.   Never send money to somebody you only know from the internet, or pay money for services for the same person.

   Demand to see that face on cam.  Most of these victims are losing thousands of dollars to 'ladies' totally unseen, other than in pictures.     If they show a face on cam,  make sure you see them more than occasionally, or a few times, and for a limited time.   It may be a recording.

   Be even more cautious with an Asian lady you meet online who is in the Guangdong Province of China, (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, etc) or in Malaysia.    These are hot spots for West African scammer activity.

  Ask questions BEFORE you consider sending money.    Dragonladies.org can help you determine if you are in contact with a scammer, if you ask for help, and listen to what they tell you.

If you are a decent person, there are real ladies in Asia who may be interested in you, and waiting for you, online.    DO NOT WASTE TIME AND MONEY ON THESE SCAMMERS!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

oluwasanwoseyi@gmail.com JOB SCAM Do not send money! NO JOBS! Scam!



This is a West African scammer, there are NO jobs!  If you pay the application and visa fees, you will only lose money!

He has NO Au Pair, Driver, Nanny, or any other jobs.   This is a SCAM.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

So you're looking for a Chinese bride online? Warning

There are the normal scams involved in online dating with Chinese ladies, as well as some unique quirks, or problems.

There is a large number of West African scammers living and working in China, particularily South China, and most commonly the Guangdong province.    They register on dating sites and pretend to be white or asian, men and women, with the intention to scam members of that site.

There are no free lunches available on the internet.   The hot young girl you meet online is not going to magically arrive at on your doorstep to hump  your middle-aged or older, bones into eternity, when you send her money.    If you have a 'chinese' lady who is more than 15-20 years younger than you are, interested in you.  Be suspicious.  The Chinese generally adhere to a fairly firm age gap.

Single, normal ladies from Asia usually can't get tourist visas to Western countries, no matter what they tell you online.   (Don't send money fro visa and travel expenses)

There are webcams, everywhere.  In most internet cafes, on most laptops now.  There is always one 'somewhere'.   Do not accept 'sorry,no webcam'.   You need to see 'that face' on cam, and more than once.   Even if you see 'that face' on cam, don't send money!

China has an active network of marriage agencies, or 'translator/brokers'.   You may email or chat with a lady for months, and actually be in contact with an agency or translator/broker.
You may arrive in China to meet the lady who has written the gushing emails, to find she speaks no english, doesn't exist, or only was shown your picture by the agent or translator who has actually been writing the emails, an hour ago.

Beware of Interlingvo/gagamatch dating sites.   These are a network of fraudulent dating sites that only exist to make money by charging men for translations of fake emails, from fake Chinese 'hotties'.   The girls are all fake, many of the pictures are of celebrities and models.
Don't be an idiot.  Men have spent thousands of dollars before they wised up. 

Are you really willing to go to China to meet a nice lady, if you bump into a real one, online?
Research the culture a bit.

If you meet a real Chinese lady, particularily one of modest means, she may be helping to support her parents.  
Are you willing to accept this responsibility if you marry her? 
Many western men are willingly taken advantage of by these 'support' situations, and the support ends up dramatically increasing the lifestyle of the parents and family, or providing a hidden nest egg fot the bride, if the marriage fails, or she bails out at a pre-determined point.
  How much was the lady providing to the parents, and how much is she asking you to provide?
  The difference in amounts can be an eye opener.

Look at some of the larger, paid dating sites for Chinese ladies.     Do a search for Chinese ladies in your country.  If you get a chance to talk to them, you'll notice a high percentage of them do not speak or write the language of the country they came to as a bride, and divorced as soon as they could leave the husband who brought them there, and still stay in that country.
Sadly, many I talked to in the US, were having difficulty surviving with little language skills, but were reluctant to go home to China.    I'm not saying all Chinese ladies intend to bail out of the marriage as soon as they obtain residency in the new country, but many do.
Be careful.   Yes, many of the marriages fail for normal reasons, the guy can be a jerk, or they just don't get along.

PAID dating sites do not offer much more safety or security.   There are many scammers on PAID dating sites.    I'm currently working on a project with several other scambaiters where we are baiting on PAID dating sites.   I'm amazed at how you get very little for your money in the way of safety from scammers.   This is inexcusable. 

   There is help.   You really need to do your homework, and keep your emotions in check when searching for a bride, online.    I strongly suggest you read the information at http://www.dragonladies.org/

Never send money to somebody you only know from the internet, or phone calls.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

virtuouslady4u2@yahoo.com Another scammer on chineselovelinks


Virtuous (33)

Female / Widowed / ID: 1322392

Zhucheng, Shandong, China

Seeking: Male 33 - 47

For: Romance / Dating, Marriage

  When HE emailed me, the IP is from GHANA, not China, and he sends stolen pictures of a white lady.

Don't fall for this crap!   You should expect more security from a paid dating site.  When I am online at chineselovelinks, I have at least one scammer per day contact me, and I am not on the site very long.

Never send money to somebody you only know from the internet, and demand to see a face on webcam.