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Friday, July 19, 2013

beautysmile633@yahoo.com WEST AFRICAN SCAMMER

My name is sarata,i am 32 years Old,I am Single (five years ago), Black, dark black hair, brown eyes, 5' 9", 141 lbs.,Long Hair and a healthy Lady. I am self-sufficient, Beautiful, happy, secure, self-confident, psychologically aware, emotionally and financially secure. and working as a Waiter In a Local Resturant,am Living with my Mom and Dad in a Logging house,i am a america By Birth,my Father is a Ghanaian and my mother is From Australia..i have been In state all My life i am a Hard working lady and very freindly.i have no Kids and Never Married.. i Will Be Graduating Next Month and i am Studing Catering(Vocational Skills) .. i Cook Very Well Because that is My Proffession.....lol u can add me here if u want us to know each other beautysmile633@yahoo.com

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Free, safe dating sites online

There are only two free dating sites I can recommend that are fairly safe, datingnmore.com, and asianlonelyhearts.com.
Most dating sites, free or otherwise, do not bother to do much checking of new profiles, or monitoring activity on the site. By 'monitoring' activity, I do not mean reading your messages, or spying, but there are usually ways to watch site activity without invading your privacy, and scammers do tend to operate in predictable ways, and usually exhibit some known traits.
Most of the knowledge a site operator needs to have to spot these scammers is pretty easily acquired. You just have to be interested in protecting your members, and operating a 'clean' site. Most dating sites don't do this.
Datingnmore.com is a large, free, safe dating site, owned and operated by a friend of mine, who is probably the leading expert in internet romance scams, in the world. The site is friendly, and has an extensive array of members from throughout the world.
AsianLonelyhearts.com is a new, free, small 'Asian' dating site I am involved with. We hope to offer the best free 'Asian' dating site available.
We need new members, and really need new female members.
It will take a while for Asianlonelyhearts to become a busy, active site, but we prefer to build the site honestly, and with real people. Why waste your time on fakes, scammers, and players?
Please join, and help us build this site.

So? You look at these two sites and think they are boring, and not as exciting as most dating sites? Do you realize you are used to typical CRAP found on dating sites? Fake profiles of half naked people. Stolen pictures of celebrities. Hundreds or thousands of profiles of people you try to contact, but never reply? ( they're fake profiles!)
Do you think PAYING for a site offers you some safety and value? It usually doesn't! The scammers operate on virtually every site, paid, or free.
The one exception in paid 'Asian' dating I can offer is Christian Filipina Dating. Christian-Filipina is one of the few sites that actively checks new profiles, and has some unique methods to screen members. Give it a try if you prefer a 'paid' site, or try all of the sites I suggest!
Regardless of which online site you use, please remember: Never send money to somebody you only know from the internet, or phone calls!
Always expect to see a face on webcam. Do not accept 'no cam' and pictures as proof you are in contact with the person they claim they are.
Keep the age gap reasonable. Yes, you may know of an 80 year old man with a 20 year old Asian bride, but that combination usually doesn't last long or work out, and somebody usually ends up broke and unhappy. (and it's not the girl who was broke to start with)
Be careful, and good luck.
You can find a 'fantasy' romance online very easily. Sometimes the fantasy is fairly short.

This is not your grandma's White Pages! Find anybody's email address, photos and videos instantly!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Fake lottery scam at fishmeetfish

Total scam, sent from loreny7
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This site is a joke. Please don't waste any time there.

More stinky fish from fishmeetfish

Hi, am not sure how this works but guess am just giving a try, anyway you have a nice profile maybe we should get to know more about each other,you can write me a note at s.debie00@yahoo.com
Hi,my name is hannah,here to look for the right man not d wrong one that is in need of a good relationship,ill like if you can add me on yahoo,dis is my id shannah444@yahoo.com,be xpecting you
Hello Handsome I'm really sorry if this seems Disturbing, i think i should write you after reading your profile, we seems to share alot in common, we are also match by eharmony.I am interested in getting to know you more better. Email me at vicki4utcare5566@gmail.com i will love to correspond more further after leaving fishmeetfish. My name is Vicki, first of all am looking for a good kind loving man to love someone to spend the rest of my life with. I am very passionate and gentle woman caring , loving , trustworthy and sincere woman.. Love to laugh, kiss, hug, and cuddle am very playful and happy man also love to make people around me happy,I'm an honest, thoughtful, caring, clean, independent, fun, one man woman. Full of energy. I like dancing to the oldies or country music, walking on the beach & boardwalk, going to the theater, traveling, roller coasters, horseback riding, dining in or out, or just working around the house... i am looking for a Honest,caring and loving man who love to have fun and happy with herself , Hope that give you little view of who i am, feel free to email me at vicki4utcare5566@gmail.com to know more.. i will be getting off Fishmeetfish soon. Best Regards, Vicki

celestina.wilson1@yahoo.com SCAM

Hello handsome how are u doing today i hope u are doing good well am Celestina by name am single with no kids am 32 years of age and am a student who is studying nursing am looking for someone who is honesty caring and truthfulness to spend the rest of my life with so i will love to tell u more about me and show u more pic of me so i will love u to add me on yahoo now this my yahoo ID celestina.wilson1@yahoo.com Hope to hear from u soon handsome....