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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Asianwomendate A Paid site to avoid! Fake, frauds, and god knows what else?

I've been checking out Asianwomendate.com for a few days, along with a few other scam experts, and we are alarmed by what we have found.   Many people assume they are safer on a paid dating site, but time and time again, this turns out to not be true.
  We've found a high percentage of FAKE or SCAMMER profiles at asianwomendate.      There is no excuse for a legitimate Dating site to allow this.    This demonstrates that this site also does not care about the safety of the it's customers.   

 Along with the scams, we also have SPAM...

 Asianwomendate pays SPAMMERS to lure men on other dating sites, to asianwomendate.

 How does this work?   'Somebody', paid by Asianwomendate, creates a profile with a young asian girl, on various free dating sites.   If this profile is contacted by an interested man, he is sent a message directing him to 'asianchatting.com', and told he can contact the girl there.
'asianchatting.com' is a redirect for asianwomendate.com.     You get dumped at asianwomendate.com, where you have to PAY for a membership to talk to any female, whether or not the 'spammer' is actually there.

Additionally, the site is not that old, and is suspiciously large.   This leads me to guess they have built the site with fake profiles, or bought profiles.

If you look at the membership fees, the memberships are automatically renewed unless you cancel.

With the obviously deceptive operating practices of asianwomendate, I wonder how easy it will be to actucally cancel a membership?

There is no reason to pay for a membership at Asianwomendate.   You are better off using free sites, carefully, or other, less scummy, paid sites.    Don't throw your money away!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Datedosti.com WARNING! Keep out!

The Admin of dragonladies.org alerted me to datedosti.com, after somebody tried to plug that site on his board.
I checked the site out, and every female profile with a picture that I could check, was using pictures of a celebrity, model, or actress.

From years of experience in dealing with scammers, and dating sites, what does this tell me?

It tells me either there are many scammers on that site, or, the site is fake, or using fake profiles featuring pretty ladies, to attract male customers.

Most dating site owners do not really care about your safety.  They think you are stupid.

Prove them wrong.   Avoid sites like Datedosti.com !

Never send money to somebody you only know from the internet.