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Monday, August 25, 2014

rosemarybiney2014@yahoo.com SCAM connectingsingles.com

Good morning to you..How was your night and how was your weekend..Hope you are doing great over there..wow, it's great to see your profile here and is very Nice .. You may not understand, actually I'm new to this site and your profile is the first time I came across and that I really really like ... that really caught my attention that I would like to know more about you and what you are looking for in this dating site .. Well, I guess I have to tell you a little about myself.I don't think the distances will be a problem to you because it nothing when we talk about friendship. Rosemary is my name, single, looking for serious friendship that will raised and reach at it peak.I will be glad if we can exchange emails and pictures with text to get to know each other very well. or 617-952-4599 I will be glad to hear from you soon Rosemary.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

mcle47@yahoo.com Scam from GHANA

This picture is sent out by a scammer in Ghana, who pretends to be an Asian lady on dating sites. He says 'Hi', (posing as a faceless Asian lady), collects your email address, then contacts you pretending to be this woman.
The 'asian' email address he uses is najatlove22@yahoo.com
This is a scam. This is a black, MALE scammer.

Friday, August 15, 2014

delorishouk4u@yahoo.com fishmeetfish SCAM

Hi Handsome,
How are you doing?...My name is Deloris Houk, and i am new on here .....My friend found his angel on here and i am willing to give it a try....i was surfing through when your lovely profile caught my attention and i decided to write to you......You seem to be a unique Man of substance...
Am a single Lady out here ....i seek a good man who appreciates family values for a long term relationship....Plz feel free to write me and ask any questions or you can aswell add me to your yahoo Instant Messenger friend list so that we can get to chat more better than this okay delorishouk4u@yahoo.com or you can as well reach me on my mobile line 662-446-2555 ....i am open to getting to know you better......
Stay sweet

This is a West African scammer using stolen pictures.

angelliquev@yahoo.com SCAM

Subject: angelliquev@yahoo.com
Hello Dear ,
How are you today together with your health and your business and your family. I hope all is well with you over there, I hope this message reaches you in good health.
I am searching for a gold buyer or sales agent, hence this contact with you for further discussions. my name is Miss Angelique Mapon, native of Sierra Loan, and presently staying in the Senegal with my little sister for the past three weeks since i return back from my country with 30 kg of gold dust plus 22.7 carat Alluvial Gold Dust of 92.6% purity, Sierra Loan origin for sale.
Please note that I am not a professional gold dealer, as this is inherited asset from my late father Chief Rafiu Mapon who was the head and traditional ruler of the Siguiri gold mining town in my village.
I have desperate need to sale the product due to family problems and I want a buyer or agent who will come for inspection of the product and sign a Trustee contract with me for the sale of the gold overseas, or if you can not come here in Senegal for The sale of The Gold dust. I can also ship it over to your country base on our agreement.
The price is negotiable and you will not pay for the goods until they have arrived your chosen refinery and the assay report confirmed.. You will equally receive a commission if you are a sales agent.
Due to my my situation as a single young girl, I really need your urgent and positive response as soon as you get this mail. here is my email so contact me here angelliquev@yahoo.com And i will send my pictures as well
Warm regards
From Miss Angelique Mapon.

Monday, August 4, 2014

more poop from fishmeetfish

Hello Dear, My Name is Tessy and i want you to contact me via email or you send me your email address let me write you direct i do not always access fishmeetfish.com that is why and you know that distance does not matter in any relationship but love matters a lot and i will be glad to be a good friend of yours. my email is tessy_23@live.fr please write to me in my E-mail box tessy_23@live.fr

Hello Dear, My Name is Tessy and i want you to contact me via email or you send me your email address let me write you direct i do not always access fishmeetfish.com that is why and you know that distance does not matter in any relationship but love matters a lot and i will be glad to be a good friend of yours. my email is tessy_23@live.fr please write to me in my E-mail box tessy_23@live.fr

I am looking for long term relationship and even more after reading through your profile, i decided to contact you, to see if we can match and see our chances of knowing better please feel free to email me through my private email address (laurentjulianah@yahoo.com) details of me and some of my photos will be sent to you in my introduction. Thanks. I am Waiting your fast reply. From your. julianah12

lindaperson38@yahoo.com SCAM fishmeetfish.com

hey.....my name is Linda so this is my first time here Am searching for A good honesty person so i was born in Canada so i Am 26 years old so my Father is from Canada And so my Mother is from Spain so Am single so that is why Am searching for A good honesty person so i needed A good Relationship but i have not seen a Good person in my life so that is why have been single for so long so i don't Really know if will can know each other and to be honesty first so the kind of Relationship Am looking for is to know each first and to love each then getting married together with each other so Am not here for playing game or asking someone to give me money Am not here for that so if will can try to know each other it will be good for us so i will be happy to hear from You .........lindaperson38@yahoo.com

This picture is stolen and used by West African scammers.

janetfrank407@yahoo.com SCAM Fishmeetfish.com Janet34

i see your prof
date i really like your profile so i will like to know more about you and have photos of me, i want you to mail me at my private email janetfrank407@yahoo.com hope to read from you soon kisses and hugs janetfrank

This is a West African scammer using a stolen picture of 'Karla Spice'.

So you think you have a 'special' relationship with a Filipina you met online, who is asking for money?

You need to check out the 'caught on cam' categories at the Dragonladies.org, BBS, and Gallery!
'Caught on Cam' at the Dragonladies.org Gallery!
'Caught on Cam' at the Dragonladies.org BBS!
Don't send money to somebody you only know from the internet!
Too many of these girls are online, only to make money. They may claim to be interested in you romantically, often after a few seconds or minutes of chat, but they are really only after your money.
You should always expect to see a face on cam, but seeing 'that face' is not grounds to send money. Many of these scammer/beggars will use fake pictures, and not show a face on cam. One tactic is to tell the man 'Send me money to buy a cam so you can see me!' (Or send me money for a computer/internet access/or a 'show'.) I've found out that most of these people already have a cam. They will not turn it on for various reasons, including they are not the person in the pictures, or they are only trying to get money from you!
'Good' girls do not ask for money. The internet and a PC are not cheap, and are somewhat of a luxury in the Philippines. The internet cafe is not cheap, either. Real ladies who use internet cafes will do so sparingly, and not be parked in front of a PC hour after hour.
Often these girls will appear impatient, or bored during the chat session. They'll often keep mentioning how poor they are, and dropping hints they need money. Don't send it!
The money they are spending to be online could feed them for that day. They are not starving, going to be evicted, in need of medical expenses, or sleeping next to the body of 'grandma', since they can't afford a coffin.
They are online to make MONEY!