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Monday, August 4, 2014

So you think you have a 'special' relationship with a Filipina you met online, who is asking for money?

You need to check out the 'caught on cam' categories at the Dragonladies.org, BBS, and Gallery!
'Caught on Cam' at the Dragonladies.org Gallery!
'Caught on Cam' at the Dragonladies.org BBS!
Don't send money to somebody you only know from the internet!
Too many of these girls are online, only to make money. They may claim to be interested in you romantically, often after a few seconds or minutes of chat, but they are really only after your money.
You should always expect to see a face on cam, but seeing 'that face' is not grounds to send money. Many of these scammer/beggars will use fake pictures, and not show a face on cam. One tactic is to tell the man 'Send me money to buy a cam so you can see me!' (Or send me money for a computer/internet access/or a 'show'.) I've found out that most of these people already have a cam. They will not turn it on for various reasons, including they are not the person in the pictures, or they are only trying to get money from you!
'Good' girls do not ask for money. The internet and a PC are not cheap, and are somewhat of a luxury in the Philippines. The internet cafe is not cheap, either. Real ladies who use internet cafes will do so sparingly, and not be parked in front of a PC hour after hour.
Often these girls will appear impatient, or bored during the chat session. They'll often keep mentioning how poor they are, and dropping hints they need money. Don't send it!
The money they are spending to be online could feed them for that day. They are not starving, going to be evicted, in need of medical expenses, or sleeping next to the body of 'grandma', since they can't afford a coffin.
They are online to make MONEY!

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