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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How do I avoid filipina online dating scams?

The basic rules are pretty simple:

   NEVER SEND MONEY to somebody you only know from the internet.  Many filipinas you will meet online will ask or hint for money.  Don't send it, thank them for exposing who they really are, and dump them.      GOOD filipinas do not ask for money from men online.

Keep the age gap modest.   20 year old Filipinas are usually interested in 60 year men for green cards, and immediate financial support.

Find one with a job.   This eliminates the need for money, and they are too busy actually working to spend all day online, looking for a western man to fleece.

See that face on cam!  Many online scams from the Philippines involve ladies, or gays, using stolen pictures, and sometimes video, of attractive girls.    If the person is reluctant to show a face on cam, you have a problem, and they are usually up to something.

You are unlikely to have a real relationship with a porn cam girl.   You can't imagine how many guys pay for 'shows', develop an attachment to a cam girl,  and she willingly plays them, and scams them.   A real relationship is not likely, and you will get burned.    Too many cam girls actively engage in scamming western guys who express too much interest.   While not advocating this type of  activity, if you are going to be a consumer of this stuff,  leave it at that.    These girl are adept at playing with men.   Your wallet can end up much lighter.

Don't assume a 'paid' dating site is any safer than free ones!   Scammers are on all sites, and many 'paid' sites, only charge MEN for membership, or access. 

You can learn much more about meeting a Filipina online at http://www.dragonladies.org/

I think I'm in contact with an internet romance scammer.

Where should you look for help, and information?

For most internet romance scams, (except Asian females),  please visit one of the the following two sites:


 For scams, or suspected scams involving females from Asia:


Please remember, never send money to somebody you only know from the internet!

Demand to see 'that face' on cam, if you are involved with somebody online and considering a serious relationship.

There are many ways to research people you meet online, and verify they who they say they are, and where they say they are.    Please don't be foolish and accept what somebody you have never met in  person, tells you.    Scammers count on your trust.
The internet is full of scammers,  and other people who are not totally honest.


Be suspicious of anybody you meet online who asks for money, or tries to engage you in a business transaction.

Think of this,  people who are starving, or in immediate danger,  do not run to the nearest computer to look for help.   If you notice, the starving person you chatted with last week, is still online, this week, healthy, thriving, and with a new scam story to tell you.
The 'family emergency' may have passed, but they'll have a new one to tell you about.   It's all bullshit.