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Thursday, June 28, 2012


I'm working on a new site with another scambaiter, which will have content that is somewhat derived from scambaiting, but is also applicable to 'real' life. Most people are clueless about personal internet safety, as well as some basic techniques and services that let you find out what other people are up to on the 'net, as well as information about you, on the 'net. myinternetdetecive will contain some information on email tracking, IP identification, personal data searches, as well as some more advanced 'net snooping' stuff and resources for getting help with internet scams. Myinternetdetective.com

Friday, June 22, 2012

doris4jombo@yahoo.com SCAM

i love ur profile, i am doris please contact me here in my private email ok (doris4jombo@yahoo.com)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lilydating.com More fraud than initially imagined

Dragonladies.org has been checking out lilydating.com, and finding overwhelming evidence of FRAUD.
Lilydating thread at Dragonladies.org
You really need to be careful on dating sites, while there are few actual fraudulent dating sites, like lilydating, every dating site has some scammers on them. Protect yourself.
Learn how to spot the scammers, never send money to somebody you only know from the internet!
Guys, I have been to China several times, and was married to a Chinese lady. Young Chinese 'hotties' do not look for old men online, as they do in some other Asian countries.
Most of the pictures at lilydating are stolen, and of models, actresses, or other celebrities.

It's unlikely you will talk to a real lady on lilydating who is interested in any other than cheating you.

Lilydating.com FRAUD Keep away from this site!

Lilydating.com is a paid Chinese operated dating site, which has a high percentage of female profiles using stolen model pictures. Lilydating.com also recruits members by spamming men on other dating sites, and requesting they join the paid site to communicate with the pretty woman, in the stolen picture they will send to the man. There is a network of large, fraudulent dating sites that operates the same way, and lilydating may be part of this network, and a new incarnation of this network. Guys, my best guess is you are not in contact with the pretty girls in the pictures, no matter how much you pay for membership, or contact privileges Never pay for 'in house' translation on a dating site. If 'she' can't speak your language, what real chances do you have for a relationship, and there are many fraudulent sites built upon YOUR willingness to be defrauded, and your ignorance. The source of many Asian model pictures are easily found, using various image search engines. Please, do not accept pictures as proof you are in contact with the person, in those pictures. Expect to see 'that face' on a webcam, and often. Never send money to somebody you only know from the internet. For more information, and help, with internet romance scams from Asia, visit Dragonladies.org