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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Confirio crap! More scammers from Confirio.com

Hey!!!. Writing to someone you have never met or talked to before,I think its extremely difficult. Take this message for instance,I had all the words in my head but could not seem to put a coherent sentence together, was going to start with hello, hi there , whats up lol...... or hey, how are you today??... but it just seemed too blunt for me so I went with Hey!. Anyway I will get to the pulse of it all.I saw your profile , thought to send you a mail . , let me know what you think. Let me tell you a secret , My name is Sandra Scott...i saw your profile on here.Am new in the site and i saw your profile there and that is why i contact you...lol. love to get a reply from you ..... SANDRASCOTT399@yahoo.com Sandra
Hello,Good morning.You have a nice profile here,My name is Tina, I’m a down-to-earth girl who likes traveling, photography, music and hanging out with friends... message me if you’re interested! My name is Tina and take a look at my profile before u respond..Here is my number to text if u are interested.240)382-2482 or add me on messenger.downcky21@yahoo.com thats my id and hope to chat soon.. Bettina
Hi,am Amanda by name,i love your profile can we be friends ? I really don't come on the site often write me mail direct on ( Wamanda957@yahoo.dot com ) or you add me on YIM so will can chat.Amanda 2013-08-15 22:06:34
Hi there,i'm Juliet.i'm new on the site.i just came across your profile and i found it very interesting.i'm here looking for some one special i can love with my whole heart,get married with and spend the rest of my life with him.i have gone through your profile and i found it very interesting.you can check out mine and write back if you feel the same way, if not best luck to us all.i'm serious and ready looking for that special one and i'm hoping to meet some one who is also serious and ready as i am. you can contact me through my email address if you want to reach me direct ( juliet_7g94@yahoo.com ) i will end here for now and wait for your responds. I will be looking forward to read back from you. hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day.

lhoupe@ymail.com True Love for the truly stupid, courtesy of West Africa and Confirio

Confirio really is a crappy, scammer filled, site. Keep away from Confirio.
Hi,My Name is Lacey,I am sorry if i did intrude into your profile but i must say you have a gold leaf page here meaning your profile sounds interesting,i was actually searching for my kind of man who we both have the same wants and heart desire but unfortunately i haven't found any until i came across your profile,i couldn't read far as you posses some qualities i want from my idea kind of man ,I must say i'm impressed and i am single lady and my friends consider me as a sexy lady with good sense of humor,Dont worry about the Age between us,It's just a number and what matters most is the Love and Caring heart and also the distance between us is not a problem either cuss i am ready to relocate to where ever i found my soulmate.. you can send me your personal email or write on my regular email ... (lhoupe@ymail.com)...hope to hear from you soon cheers
Stolen pictures, of course.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

sarahdickson440@Yahoo.com Scammer from Ghana

Using stolen pictures, asks for $200 for food during Yahoo chat. Claims to be a 34 year old nurse from Toronto, Canada, with one child, who is 'studying' in Ghana.

Don't send money!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

'Sign pictures' Fun, but rarely prove much

Sign pictures are pictures you ask somebody to pose for, usually holding a piece of paper, or 'sign' with some specified text on it, in an attempt to prove that person is real, and who you are in contact with.
You have to be careful! Scammers are fairly adept at producing fake sign pictures.
'Sign' pictures aren't really the best way to prove you are in contact with that person. Please ask for help from an established anti-scam site in evaluating any sign picture you may be sent. Most are fake, and while they are easy to detect as fakes, if you are emotionally connected to the person, it's easy to be fooled.
There are some very simple ways to detect fraud in sign pictures. You just have to be willing to look, and accept the truth. There's no rational excuse for any person who you meet on the 'net to not be able to show a face on webcam. Always expect to see that face, live, on webcam, and, of course, never send money!
Here we have a young filipina, who professed love quickly for an elderly baiting character of mine.
She claims she did not have a webcam, but was chatting on yahoo via a smartphone, which actually appears to be correct. She was coaxed into posing for a sign picture when she avoided showing a face on cam, after asking the old man for money during the first chat.
This is the same girl as in the pictures being used to scam men. She may not be the person doing the actual scam, but may be a particpant, if only providing her face.
This picture arrive around 3 am, Philippines local time, and the exif data for the picture shows the picture was taken by a smart phone, 5 minutes earlier, the same day. I think they woke the girl up to pose for the picture.
This picture is 'fresh', and shows no evidence of editing. Most sign pictures are fake. Plee uase, don't assume a 'sign picture' is 100% proof you are in contact with that person.
In other internet romance scams, like from Russia, local girls are sometimes paid to pose for sets of pictures to be used in scams. The girl is 'real', and she is somewhat involved in the scam, but she is often not the actual scammer.
This may be the situation with the filipina in these pictures. Somebody, a friend or family member is probaby conducting the scam, using her face and pictures.
(Recent information provided to Dragonladies.org suggests this girl is part of an extended family 'scam' operation, who use female family members, some underaged, to conduct scams like this. The person contacting the men may well be younger than the girl in these pictures, who may be well under 16. The family members involved switch off on the contact duties, and the girl in the pictures was very obviously roused from sleep in the early morning hours to provide new pictures to aid in this scam.) )
This girl had a profile on dateinasia.com, a large, free, dating site known for scammers, perverts, and sex tourists. She claimed to be 18, and looked young. She messaged a baiting profile I had of a man who is 50 years older than she claimed to be. Guys, this is a trap. When a girl this young messages a man that much older, it's almost always for money, or immigration. You will get screwed, but not in the way you hoped.
More info on this scam at Dragonladies.org OK, you can see several 'sign' pictures, elsewhere on this page. I like them, they are mostly a novelty, and rarely proof of much. In rare cases all they do is prove a live girl is at least posing for pictures, not much else.
Never send money to somebody you only know from the internet, or phone calls.

Confirio is for SUCKERS! Keep away!

l Found your profile interesting on here am new here and I'm looking for a committed good friendship and good relationship and fun that might probably end up in marriage.Let me brief you little about my self I love peace quiet and happiness and hope to find someone to share my life with Its really nice to hear from you. About my appearance, you saw my picture I am not too short and not tall but middl My height 5'7 Maybe appearance is important for you, . I have a good mind you can contact me on sunsarodneyweb@yahoo.com don't hesitate writing me back thanks.Bye Susan
Hello How are u doing Dear u can text me now (423) 521-2056 or add me on yahoo IM joymicheal98 at yahoo dot com
Hello, Am Tiffany Ward by name,Good it will be better if we can chat emailing cause am kinda new on this site and i don"t know much on here and that why my pictures hasnt shown yet but i have more pics to show, i think that will be better can you send me your email or send me an email on tiffanym.ward1978@live.com , I will be able to show you my pics.. i will be expecting your mail soon. Thanks...
i'm erica candace i'm new to internet as u know i'm looking for a serious relationship and no games that will lead to marriage i need a very serious man that can make me happy all day you can get back to me on my email eric_jones214@yahoo.com or joneserica95@gmail.com if your here for a serious things hope i will hear from you soon....candace
These are all west african scammers, using stolen pictures. Don't be STUPID! Don't talk to them or send money.

More crap from the scammer filled site, CONFIRIO

hello how are you doing i am Rita new on here just want to say hi to you and hopefully to know you more and better ..and see where it can leads us to my address is sakah_rita@yahoo.com you can add me ..hope to hear from you ...kiss
I am simple woman who need good man add m,e to messenger nprecillamartin12@yahoo.com precillamartin12@yahoo.com
I am a woman who is very feminine and caring.I am passionate and family-oriented, and I believe in love. I will be your best friend and i will support you in all your achievements. I just need love, understanding and care. Love is a hard work sometimes. But if two people really need each other, if they appreciate each other and wish the best for their relationships, love is the way to get pleasure from being together and to find real happiness in our world. Hope you re interested:: Email me letter AT pleasure_gestures01@yahoo.com I will sent you pictures of me everyday by day . Sweetheart Am waiting you.

jmichaelforyou@hotmail.com Scammer on confirio

hello am shane by name am from texas but i live in nevada am single with no kids am here to meet an honest man that will love me for whom i am and if you don,t mind i will like you to mail me at jmichaelforyou@hotmail.com i will like to hear from you on there....

abdulahinaziratu@ymail.com Scammer on Confirio

Hello , How are u doing today I hope u doing much and more batter as am doing here today , am Naziratu by name am from wes t africa am , am 30 by age , i did make a mistake on my profile by using the state , try to change it bat it was nt working , am here looking for a long term relationship which can led to marriage , if u intrest in knowing more about each other share pics and see were this may may led both of as to from there , who knows , Only God Can Tell , If possible , U can add me on yahoo by , or u can also send me ur yahoo id so we get to know add each other and know more about on other ,have a nice day and i hope to hear from u soon , If Only u intrest and serious , understand and care , have nice day ?


Scammer from Confirio
No picture
Hello babe . Add me on > Sky'pe >> christine.lambridge Yahoo >> catherinerisque@yahoo.com

lamptey.hellen@yahoo.com SCAMMER on confirio

Hello dear how are you doing today,am Helenand you?And am 30yrs of age am new online suching for a friends,I'm a kind of a person who is approachable, sweet, loves listening to music, easy to get along with, loving, caring, goal oriented. I'm optimistic and capable to talk and communicate to all types of person 'coz I love to deal different people with different personalities, culture and aspects of life.And can you tell me more about you are you on yahoo istant chat or gmail?My id is lamptey.hellen@yahoo.com
Using stolen pictures of a porn model

viven_harrison36@yahoo.com West African scammer on Confirio

(904) 370-3458
Hello, I am quite fascinateded by your profile. You sound so wonderful and nice. i will sure love to meet a cute man like you, though i have seen what you look like, i am keen about knowing you, you sound cute with your words. Well, my name is vivien harrison 37years old, never married , still single and no kids yet. I am 5ft 7 tall, i have brown eyes,and i am straight with hair black. I am on this site to search for a real soulmate . i was never keen about the internet until i noticed that online marriages are turning out to be successful i will like to correspond with you via yahoo messenger at viven_harrison36@yahoo.com thanks hoping to talk to you on messenger

This is not your grandma's White Pages! Find anybody's email address, photos and videos instantly!

rebecca_turbua@yahoo.com West African scammer on Confirio

hello and how are you doing? am rebecca from usa am here looking for a very honest and responsible man to with and if you are interested in me you can add on rebecca_turbua@yahoo.com so that we ca chart and see each over there..i will be very happy to hear from you again
Uses stolen pictures

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


This is Amanda0071 from confirio.com>
West African Scammer, using stolen pictures .
how are you doing today i like your profile and i will like to know more about yourself you can text me on (319) 804-9092 or Email me on amandapurvine@yahoo.com Amanda
i am Amanda by name and i am single woman and i want you to know that i am here seeking for serious relatinship with the right man to be with and spend the whole of my Life with as well and i want the man that will take good care of me

Monday, August 19, 2013


Scammer on confirio
m corrin.. this is my friends account .. lookin forward to have some naughty fun right now .. lol :) add me on my skype account--- corrin59 or yahoo --- corrintelebastagan@yahoo.com phone number--> 2082143662
Stolen picture.

diannajones3310@yahoo.com West African scammer

Dianna on confirio.com
The picture is stolen. The is a West African scammer.
i am dianna jones i got your pfofile and i like, am here to find some love, let me know if u you feel the same way,ok leave me your email addrs or hok me @ diannajones3310 and is yahoo email if wanna talk

Am Dianna by name, single,32 years,light in complexion,5'4 ft,am cool,caring,honest,,love tender, God's fearing lady, good looking and have good sense of humor...I'm a little shy but am a fun lady to be with, very romantic, honest, loving, energetic, intelligent and down to earth lady.I like to do fun...stuffs.swimming,outdoors, shopping, eat out,movies and have good time with friends. I also like to lay in the couch (snuggle).

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

melindacamley@hotmail.com West African scammer

This is a West African scammer using stolen pictures.
Hi ,I'm Melinda like you already know and my full name are Melinda Tracia Camley, 31 years old live in Exeter, Pennsylvania, United States,. I Trade in Women Costumes,Jewelries,Gold,Bead and Gems. I'm single with no kids, i have never been married I enjoy boating, hiking, camping,fishing, nature, walks on the beach, sunsets, movies, music, cooking, and quiet nights at home.i decide to join the site to find the right man for me because i am bored this days,someone in another world entirely might be the best for you .. lest looking for local people to date then becomes waste of time.Well i am honest, down to earth open minded and as well a woman a kind virtue with big Heart. . I love kids and helping people making the world go round and also a woman that loves to influence and impact good manners into people's heart. The love i have for children is very strong as i believe each and every children as a great impact to the Nation and World in the Nearest Future. The Youths are the pillar of the nation .. love to care and train them in the right way i will like to ask you some questions,Well my questions ...since when have you joined the dating site?how do you treat your ladies?How old are you?How many kids do you have?Do you live alone?What kind of work do you do?How soon are you willing to start a family life? I think i will stop here for now .... I will be waiting to hear from you and know a bit about you also ....... Melinda