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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chineselovelinks.com Warning

It's unusual that I have the chance to 'scambait' on a paid dating site, but thanks to a member of the forum at Dragonladies.org, I've had a chance to use a paid membership at Chineselovelinks for the last few weeks.
 What I've found confirmed what I knew, that paid sites are not much, if at all, safer than free dating sites, but we have been a little alarmed at the sophistication of some of the scammers we have found at Chineselovelinks.
  It's rare this happens.   Many victims of scams think the scammer who robbed them is a mastermind, or criminal genius.   They rarely are.    I'm not saying the scammers we are running into at chineselovelinks are drastically more advanced than the scammer we are very familiar with, but some of them seem to much more adept at hiding who they actually are.

  Be careful!

Most of the scammers we are finding on chineselovelinks are West African, both in West African countries, and those operating from Asian countries.

    Never send money to somebody you only know from the internet!  NEVER.

   You should demand to see the face of that pretty girl ON CAM, and not once, but several times.  You should also watch to see the lighting, clothing, time of day, or background are different, and request she make some specific movement or gesture on cam, at your request.
(To detect if you are viewing a recording)

 Use tineye.com or Google image search to see if the pictures are stolen, and that of a celebrity of some sort.

    Please remember, most ladies in China can't get a tourist visa to western countries.   If a lady asks for financial help for visa or travel fees to come meet you, it's a scam.
   Do not give out your full real name, phone number, address, and preferably use a new email address when you register and use dating sites.   Do not use an email address you use for work, friends, or family.....create a new, 'disposable' one.

   If you are intrigued with Chinese women, you should do some research.  I suggest you read the posts at dragonladies.org

Please report any scammer you find at chineselovelinks, to the webmaster, and even better, post them at dragonladies.org

If you are a paid member of any dating site, you have the right to expect it to be scammer free.

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