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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blossoms.com Cherryblossoms.com SCAM WARNING

This is a large, fee based, Asian dating site that has roots in a mailed 'personals' catalog.
While many of the ladies are real on this site, I am finding, and found by, many scammers every time I log in.
There are many Former Soviet Union, West African, and Filipina scammers on this site. Be careful.

Always demand to see 'that face' live on cam, and not just once, but many times, before becoming emotionally attached. Make sure the person is not using a video feed, she should be wearing different clothing, the lighting and background should change, and her facial expressions should match what is going on in the conversation. You can also ask the lady to make specific gestures or movements, or ask about something you see in the room. (Most people will look at it....)

Never send money to somebody you only know from the internet! Never! No matter what the story....NEVER SEND MONEY!!!

Nobody will die, nobody will get off a plane magically in your town, to meet you, marry you, 'do' you. You will get scammed if you send money, or at the least, help continue the 'monetisation' of online western/eastern relatonships.

Don't send money! You can't buy love! If you are sending money to an Asian woman you met online, STOP, and see what happens? They lose interest.
Not because they don't have money to be online anymore, (they are still online) but they are looking for another sucker!



    This person played me like a fool. My own fault, but hopefully you guys won't get played by her too. Learn from my mistake!!

    First name JHON AMERSON
    last name MARMOL
    adress METRO MANILA
    city MANILA
    country PHILLIPHINES
    mobile number +639212692341

    city is NAVOTAS 1012

    1. hey Myer My name is Jay . met the same woman with her child on Blackplanet. Do you know anything about her. she tell me she is from Accra Ghana and that her real name is cecilia boafo

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