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Friday, June 24, 2011

bella4891@yahoo.com SCAMMER Ghana

Hello Dearest one,

hope you will not be surprise to receive a long email from me for the
first time. In fact i am very glad and happy to have the opportunity to
be exchanging emails with you now. I would so much love to keep in touch
with you get to know you and see where this will lead us to next. My
name is Bridget and I am 32 years of age ,single looking without no
children, 5-6 ft tall, 130 lbs., dark brown hair and fair in complexion.
I live in the capital city of Ghana - Accra, which is along the coast
of Ghana and i am a graduate student and i did nursing and BS Accounting in
school. I am an honest and good christian who loves being surrounded by family, friends and holidays. I am a serious Christian woman and I am
Guided by my friendship or relationship with Jesus Christ (the son of
God) I say that up front because my faith is very important to me.

am a very humble, laid back, patient, positive minded, very organized,
responsible, romantic and understanding gentle lady who hasn't found her
soul-mate in life. I have searched in the wrong places and came away a
little bit wiser, and a little bit more guarded against potentially
being heart broken. I
am one with nature and I love animals. I am living a healthy lifestyle.
I enjoy working out, staying physically fit, eating healthy, cooking
healthy - yes, I Love to cook. I love sports, musics and movies.

I am not materialistic but more adventurous. . I live to travel the world, to travel with my life partner is my dream to see beaches that are endless and tanquil are a lifetime away but I know with my life partner time is relative. I am sure we could sore the skies together with ease. I am
capable of surviving on my own but I do miss the feeling of having the
love of someone else in my life and I love loving my partners. I have a
lot to offer. I'm just Leary of who I share that with now. I have found
that not many people value communication or patience like I do. Unfortunately, I put in a lot of effort to resolve things with past relationship but everything blew up in my face. So, from now on, I'm
just telling it like it is for me. I'm not into games, I know what I
want, I know what I need, and I'm on a mission to find it. I always get
what I want in the end because of my persistence and dedication. I have
absolutely no preference for blonde or brunette. I am blind to physical
appearance, social status and ethnic background. The inner human beauty
is far more important for me. I am not a casual fellow. I am monogamous
and I do not give my affections easily. I am seeking a spiritual,
personal and corporeal partner who believes in GOD, love, in life and
the journey.

In friendship or relationships I seek a genuine
partner, a serious relationship that will turn something meaningful. I'm
seeking a serious long term relationship and more. Someone special to capture my heart and knows how to handle it
with care, one who will cherish me and be willing to share life's
greatest joys and sorrows. My plans for the future are simply to be
happy - wherever and however that comes about doesn't really matter. The kind of man I'm looking for has to be honest and trustworthy - beyond
that other things are less important, but obviously there has to be some attraction both physically and mentally. Age, within reason, doesn't
bother me at all. You're as young or old as you allow yourself to be and age is no barrier to loving someone. the other important thing is that
the ideal man for me will be an equal partner, with both of us having equal say in every decision in life. My past
relationships shown a vivid imaginations & unrealistic expectations with multiple hidden agendas. I've learnt it is far better to find a friend who may
develop in time into a serious romance then to follow initial chemistry
& intimacy only to later learn that the person you're with is
nothing of the person you fell in love with, or worse that they are only in love with an illusion of who they think you are. I will be happy to
make the most of the fact that we have found each other. I am looking
for a strong, intelligent, self-confident man, who can allow me to
experience what I have dreamt of since I was a little girl. I do not
want to disclose what that is here, but I want to say that it isn't
about S&M, or pain or bondage and the like. I am clever enough to
know that there are better places to look for something like that than
here. I've learnt its best to seek someone who will meet you half-way
and seeks out a fair and equitable relationship with someone who is nice and enjoys my company.

I hope this let you
know a little more about me. Please dont let my distance, race or age
difference drives you away from me. Who knows if i could be your lost
rib you have been looking for. So just be patient, have faith to fix my
rib on your lost rib and see if its suit with your body. Here are some
photos of me and i hope you will enjoy

I wait to hear from you soon.... REGARDS BRIDGET

Found on Cherryblossoms.com


  1. She goes by mary amponsah.. She goes on date sight skout claims she is gay.. Sets a credit card in your name without you knowing.. Sends items to your home expects you to send them to her. Then needs your help to buy plain ticket money and sell gold. Once you figure out she is a nasty person.

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  3. She try to scam me now she goes now by the name of Gladys Lartey

  4. This girl really won my heart with all the love she had for me we were going to bearried until re gently she made e a mistake about Seine else was on line and said send HER the money I asked who was her threw a red flag I told her about what I knew doesn't answer her name on site is Lovely Sarah her real name she said is Sarah Bentil such sadness going on from this kind of behavior

  5. She back on the dating site goes by the of Peggy Henke and she lives in Kansas Salina.And she still try to scam money out people LOL not me that BULLSHIT 😨

  6. I am glad I did my home work, some one is doing the same to me with this picture that womens name is jolena jenson she is a porn star,i have been talking with this person on Skype no mention of money yet that's when I will shut them down I am just boring this person to death and I am having fun with it hey never know maybe they will feel sorry for me and send me money lol I have the coordinates and the address which the IP was tracked to I figure a couple more days then I am going to report this let a professional handle it, here is the email address that was sent to me bernadettejane27@gmail.com with her picture

  7. Thanks for the info. I will keep avwatch out for her.

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  9. I am in a conversation with her now. she calls herself Millissa. I have been wasting her time for about two weeks now. She told me she lived in Orlando, Florida and she works for UNICEF. She hasn't ask for any money yet,but I am sure she will get around to it.

  10. yo estoy chateando con ella desde principio de enero y reconozco lo bobo que fui ya mande algo de dinero me di cuenta a tiempo ya que la descubrí y no sabe así seguiré el juego hasta no se cuando la desenmascare

    1. Scammer avoid money pickup man Martian Patrick ackmon

    2. Amigo mío. No te desgastes en ese juego. Mejor bloquéala. Es más, ni creas que es una mujer. Son una bola de fulanos que hacen esto. Te das cuenta en la forma de escribir.
      Por tu sanidad mental y tranquilidad, no mandes dinero y ya deja esto en el pasado.

      La misma me empezó a escribir hace unos días. Ahora se llama Victoria Robertson.

      Ghana es sinónimo de fraudes de todo tipo. Este mecanismo es sólo uno de los que utilizan.

      A mí me han tratado de sacar dinero desde hace más de 8 años. Con técnicas y argumentos de todo tipo.


  11. Sandra ackmon Doreen ackmon Cindy Renee volk aka aria Giovanni scammer Sandra ackmon latest name marriage for gold scam Ghana accra

  12. "She" went by Belinda Tijani based in Accra Ghana. Skyped a clip w/ no mic speakers, blamed on laptop, wanted me to pay for international calling card. Look into the Sakawa boys. While chatting you can tell its Copy Paste, No One types that fast on a phone app.


    Sound familiar?

    1. Right, it is not a "she". They are a group of criminals speciallized in different type of frauds. This is only one model. They use some others like, she is a militar nurse asking for help, asking throw the second hand sites to send products, asking for help to keep money they found as militars, etc. And of course, washing your minds as weak girls that need help.
      Do not beleive anything. Evean if it seems to be truth, please, beleive me, it is not true!!! Open your eyes!!!

  13. She is scamming me now!Wants 5000 us for plane ticket.Has many names and uses honey and love alot.Texted her at 2am and she answered right away.She is very good but her phone breaks alot and no video chat yet i sent 50 us to do that!Be careful gentleman she is beautiful and good at saying what you want to hear.I blocked her out but she got cousin to get in touch with me!Said she was going to kill herself.

    1. Duane, it is not a "she", it is a man, even, it is a group of guys inventing stories.
      Do not beleive anything. It is not a SHE. Be careful...

    2. Had one yesterday going to kill herself, cousin told me same dude I think

  14. I have been scammed by her.
    I have Just stopped sending her money.
    Aaliyah Aison.
    Living in Accra Ghana.
    She is beautiful.

    She sent me a lot of porn type clips pre recorded with no sound.
    But I have one video from her she speaks to me.
    Calls me saint with sound on

    1. She told me, she was from London.
      Do not beleive anything my friend. Be careful!!
      Do not give any personal information. You can put in danger your family and friends or your job and reputation.

  15. I have been contacted by persons from Ghana several times, with different stories. All asking for help, support, and finally money.
    When the current one began the contact and she said she was born in London, and now lives in Accra Ghana, immediatelly I guess it was a fake contact.
    Ghana seems to be a nest of these kind of people. Some tips:
    - The language is not well used.
    - The pictures do not correspond to the age they say.
    - They begin with a "sad" situation like her parents died, an accident of her grandma or aunt, small sisters and brothers she have, economic problems to continue studing, etc.
    Be careful...!!!

  16. Yes he is playing a gold scam right now trying to convince you that her daddy left her all this gold and she's trying to get it in the country she also talks about her brother Alex and she uses his name all the time this is what she wants you to send money to his Alex which is actually her is actually is him I have a phone number we can drive him nuts that I will list it on this I will pull it back up and get back on this site and we can drive her nuts

  17. Alex twumasi. 233 50 658 1662 that is the number she gave me to when I can't get a hold of her on the computer I can contact her through that that is the name two uses to send money to or computer whatever else you will send I believe

    1. she scanned Verizon in November for $16,000 worth of iPhones and tablets she's wanted forgery 2 American Express Travelers checks

  18. I have also been scammed by this woman she's going by the name of Patricia domuga she'll get you to iPhones and iPads and send them to Ghana she will continue to ask for money sure promise she wants to get married if you owe anything on a credit card and she offers to pay for it do not let her they will pay for the credit card then they will cancel the check after the money is taken off a credit card she likes to use DHL shippers and according to her everybody she has dealt with she would like to sue them in court she claims that she's a Christian talk to you into wiring money she will also tell you that she and her family has a bunch of gold that she will split it with you but you have to pay for insurance cost at documents which cost $4,000 so she says and she keeps claiming she has to get this done before her family takes away from her she is from the United States half American and half South African stay clear of this woman

  19. She is using a new name Melissa Iddrisu and her brother Ibrahim. Yes I did send her 200 dollars. Have cut her off Can not be trusted.



  21. I have been in contact with her. She is using the name Belinda Tijani from Modesto, CA. She connected with me on a dating site and less than a week in contact with her/him/them, she asked me to send money to Ghana for her charity. Right after the first text contact with her, she says her phone is acting up and wants you to communicate through Google Hangouts. I suspected she was a scam early on then I found this site. Beware!

  22. Was scammed by a name of Maria Ortega. She or he is still trying to get more money from me. I sent thousands of dollars to her. She goes by mariaortega19833@gmail.com or mariaortega19833@yahoo.com. please be away of this scammer. Her pictures keep changing and now are getting porn pictures. Hope someone can find out who or what this person is. Lives in Nigeria Ghana or Lagos.

  23. I have read all these stories and they sound a lot like this girl been talking with for over a year. I have sent her like 250
    But she needs more as she has an inheritance that is 14 mill. This other guy called Clyed Johnson is att. For it he says need 7500 to satisfy the gov. By x date. I have never heard of such a thing. She wont give me number to bank. She is very religious and says got will find a way for us. The money is to be wired to my acc. When the 7500 is paid and attorney does paper work. The pic her at top not sure if it her or not face looks like her but there is some moles on her chest that this girl does not have. The name being used now is Andrina davidson so just not sure. Anyone familiar with this

  24. She's going by the name mona ayar now cuz I've been talking to her for about 3 weeks now is she asking me to I got to my wife bad

  25. Name : Mavis Donkor
    Country : Ghana
    City : Kumasi
    Zipcode : 00233

    Iv been talking to this girl for a month just found out she is using Jelena Jensen photos. I told that I new . She is telling me she use to be Jelena but gought out of the business and changed her name.

  26. It is Going by Diana Sahada Dianasahada1000@gmail.com Is on Zoosk Dating Site Phone Number is +18453170538 and is on Google Hangouts Beware It Is a Scam Don't Send money If you can't get them to meet in person it always had an excuse.

  27. She's now going by the name of Alice