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Friday, June 6, 2014

ceciliamensah222@yahoo.com SCAM confirio.com

helloo dear ...how are you doing dewar thanks for your message ...my name is cecilia 33years .i will like to know more about you if you dont mind...mail me on ceciliamensah222@yahoo.com

Every day I wake up and my first thoughts are of how good I have it. How lucky am I? My MOM loves Me,because i'm smart, responsible, productive of my world. I had few good friends that loved me. I woould love to have a good job.Make good money, and have time to enjoy it. When most people on this planet are concerned with where the next meal is coming from, I will have the luxury to diet if I want. ( confession: I'll feed my dog a steak) Anyway, I really just want some one to share life with. I realize there is a very real chance I may not find the "one" I am looking for, and I can be perfectly content with that. I refuse to settle. I want a well adjusted, quality person (you know who you are)I'm a really nice girl. Damn Gorgeous And Charming too.( If you're not proud and believe in yourself ?..Who else would believe in you..) Really smart as well, you will love me for sure! And humble,Barbie Doll! am I humble.My pic included here are fairly new.My Profile is still under constructions but I tried to put up a pic so you can see me at least to get an idea. Though I'm not very photogenic. All that I say here is true. I will not misrepresent myself, and I can't stand head games.I'm honest. I'm single never married. I have no kids, all lonely and idle for now.I am an active, healthy girl. Unemployed ,But seriously in the process seeking for a Job..( WOULD YOU GET ME ONE ??)Lol . I'm told I look much younger than I am. But, we all probably hear that. I feel like I'm 16, and can keep up just fine with most even 67 year-olds.Hehe Living an active, healthy life is important to Me. I want to grow old healthy, and free of pharmaceuticals of any kind. I'm kind of an adrenaline junkie. I'll love to travel and explore new places. My fave's are warm places with a beach. I can be a little wild at times. I like to laugh and have a good time. I'll love my work. I am deeply romantic and sensual with the right person. I'm a little old fashioned though im young and like to treat a guy like a guy.I'm into commitment, and I'm eventually looking for the same in some one else....

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