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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Which dating sites are safe?

Almost none.

Virtually all dating sites have some scammers.   A majority of dating sites have many scammers.  
Even paid sites?  YES!

You rarely get much added safety with a paid dating site.

Whether the site is paid, or free,  most sites will not do basic screening of new profiles.

If a site manually checks new member profiles they can keep out most scammers.  Very few do, many rely on some automated means that may catch the scammer after they have messaged members of the site, or waited until a site member reports them.

They may not even remove the profile of a reported scammer, since more profiles make a site look busier, and generates more traffic, and members.

Which sites do I recommend?
Very few, actually.

Datingnmore.com is a free, safe dating site run by an 'anti-scam' expert.
It has a worldwide membership of real people.

AsianLonelyHearts.com is a free, safe, Asian dating site. 
Yes, I help run this site, and I can vouch we work hard to keep scammers out.  Try us!

Christian Filipina Dating is a safe, paid site, if you are interested in finding a nice Filipina lady.

  On any site, make sure you see a face on cam, and never accept pictures as sole proof you are in contact with that person.

NEVER send money to somebody you only know from the internet.  NEVER.

Keep your expectations REAL.   This means keep the age gap modest, and are you really willing to travel to another country to meet this person?

You can't buy love!

 YES, for guys, being a resident of a more affluent country means certain women will be interested in you.
Some just want immigration.
Some want a better life, and are willing to do anything, or use anyone to get it.

The good ladies want a better life that includes a happy marriage.

If you think you can throw money at a relationship and it will work, it usually doesn't, and there are many ladies who will clean you out while they teach you that.

(The same holds true for 'Western' Women, looking for a husband in other countries, online.)

Learn about the culture of your new friend, and respect it. 

Finding real people on most dating sites is hard.   It's a lot easier on the three sites I recommend!

Use your head on any dating site.   Be sparing about giving out your personal details to new friends, this includes your full name, phone number, facebook page, or an email address that is connected to your family, work, and personal details.

 Good luck!

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