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Monday, December 15, 2014

welmar.christy39@hotmail.com SCAM confirio.com

I just came online to this site today?I realized you were my 100% ideal match so i decided saying hello and hope to know you more ok..What part of the city are you located at present.....If you are interested in knowing me more better get back to me at my direct email: welmar.christy39@hotmail.com and lets share some more private talks and see where this leads us both to in the nearest future...

I Really Care

i am looking for that man i could make friends with and may be as time goes on we see where things go from there and just want you to know that age has nothing to do with two people when it comes to affection for each other ok....I live in the city and i work my major time as an Fabrics Merchant in my little Fabrics store that i inherited from my late Dad where i buy and sell various types of fabrics such as African beads fabrics, Australian fabrics, European fabrics, Asia fabrics and also precious stones like Gold, Silver and all kinds of diamonds and this business have really made me travel a lot to various countries of the world such as Malaysia, Europe,Asia and South Africa and this makes me a very much busy lady and do not have much time to chat..I tried uploading my pictures but it not uploading but i would send it to you and more about myself if you'll drop your email address...

This is a West African scammer using a stolen picture of a model named 'Meagan'.  The lady in this picture is not involved in this scam.  Her pictures are stolen from an modeling agency site.
You are not in contact with this lady, but a male criminal in West Africa, who will steal money from you. 

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