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Monday, December 29, 2014

aphroditeworldtraveltours.com Another fake 'chinese' travel agency used in scams


 This is another fake travel agency, set up by West African scammers who are operating from within China.  I wish China would do something about these pigs, who are usually in China on expired, or fraudulent visas.

Chinese prison is too good for them.  Maybe a very short ride in in one of the execution vans is in order?

There are also  local Asian people working with these scammers, including Chinese nationals.
Some of these helpers are Asians from various countries who are also in China illegally.   

Dot not send money to an Asian girl who claims she is living and working in China, and wants to come meet you, if you pay 'visa and travel' fees via an 'agency'.    These agencies are fake, and very easy to determine they are fake.

Your money is gone.   The girl is not real.  You may speak to an asian girl on the phone, but it is not the person in the pictures.   You were scammed.
More info on these scams at Dragonladies.org
More fake chinese travel agencies at Dragonladies.org

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