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Friday, April 25, 2014

airgatetravelagency.com Fake travel agency used in 'Visa and travel' scams from China

This is a fake travel agency site, set up and operated by West African scammers, for use in 'visa and travel' scams involving fake Asian ladies.
More info at Dragonladies.org!

More info on 'visa and travel' scams from China, at Dragonladies.org!


  1. anyone know if www.worldalliancetravels.com is real or fake

  2. Totally fake. It's a fake travel agency set up by West African scammers in CHina. The girl who went you them is fake also, or working with the scammers. Do not send money to the girl or agency. Go to dragonladies.org for help. Look at the China, 'visa and travel' scams section.
    Don't talk to this lady or agency again.