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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Salvatore168 on Offsingle.com Stolen picture and partial identity of US Army Medal of Honor recipient

Sadly, this is a very common scam. West African scammer PIGS will steal the pictures military members they can find online, and use them in scams, pretending to be that person, or some person loosely based on the real person.
Here we have 'Salvatore168' on the very crappy site, offsingle.com.
They are using a stolen picture of Salvatore Giunta, a very real soldier, (who happens to be married, and much younger than claimed in this profile.

Ladies! Please stop falling for these scams! You must always expect to see a face on webcam. If you learn how to use Google Image search, you can easily detect photos, like this one, are stolen! NEVER SEND MONEY!
The soldier in this picture is not involved in any scam, he is NOT in contact with you.
He is a victim of identity theft. I'm sure he'd love to spend some 'personal time' with the West African PIG who is using his face to scam ladies.
( i would be happy to sell tickets to watch the beatdown this pig deserves. )
The scams these pigs usually try to pull when they use stolen pictures of military people, may involve 'visa and travel', 'pay for leave', or 'I found millions of dollars in a war zone and I need help to sneak it out.'
Don't be stupid.
So you really think you are in contact with the person in this picture?
Look at the pages of reports of scams using his pictures, posted at Romancescam.com

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