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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ladylili2007@gmail.com 'Thinking of you'

An email arrives from this scammer. Please note, this is a 'script', that is, a pre-written, series of letters, sent out to many men, with just the name of the individual man inserted.

Hello dear NAME DELETED!

Thank you for your lovely answer which I liked a lot! You are so hot
man, you know how to treat your woman! I am glad to have found such man!
I just hope you are serious as I am and your feelings are the same
as mine. I know we can start something special everything depends just
of us and how open we will be to each other. In this case we could be
a perfect partners.
You know, I could to describe myself as child, whose eyes are filed
with optimism and curiosity. I have never try to use Internet before for
dating and I am happy now because I have met you.
You know, honey, I was feeling myself so lonely. I dream to have
beloved man near. I think how nice it would be to feel the touch of
his skin and to smell his hair. His kisses will be sweeter than honey,
and this thought drives me crazy. To be able to wake up next to him every
day will be such an amazing miracle, I will not be able to contain my joy.
John, maybe it is you? I would love it a lot.
Unfortunately, Ukrainian men don't value their women at all. But
everyone in world knows Ukrainian women are well educated, intelligent.
They would never prefer their career over their family.
Second fact, Ukrainian women are faithful wife. Always thinking about
her family, husband, children and her home. They cook very well and
prefer homemade foods over fast food. As for me I like to cook very
much, I hope you will be able to taste my dishes like borsh :-) I know
you will like it. As all Ukrainian women I will give all my love,
care and support to my man.
Honey, I want to ask you some questions and you can you ask me
everything you want:
What are your vision of true love?
If you could travel to anywhere in the world for a holiday, where would
you go and why?
If we ever met, what would you like us to do on our first night?
So, I see my letter is too long already, I just wanted to open myself
for you expect the same from you. Let's be honest, open and trust each
other from the beginning. Send you my pictures and waiting for yours.
With all my love
Yours Liliya

The pictures are probably stolen, and may not depict anyone involved in this scam.
Don't send money to somebody you only know from the internet!

IP: (Lugansk)

The Bat! (v4.0.14) Professional

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