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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Stanley Breland SCAM stanleybreland822@gmail.com


    My name is Stanley Breland. I am an American soldier presently on active service with Squadron battalion here in Afghanistan. I served with the Third Infantry Division in Iraq since 2003, before thousand of my lucky colleagues were pulled out in August Last year, leaving me among the unlucky ones drafted to Afghanistan where I am serving presently. During my call to duty in Iraq,  I moved US$7 million ( Seven Million US dollars) being part of funds recovered from late Saddam Hussein during a search in one of his palaces in 2003. Through the assistance of a Senior Red Cross Delegate to Iraq, this fund has been safely moved out of Iraq and currently deposited in a secured financial institution,

       Basically, since i am not among thousands of our colleagues that were withdrawn in August back to the states, I cannot continue to keep these funds in the financial institution for as long as I remain here. Hence i have decided to look for a reliable and trustworthy person that could assist me to retrieve these funds from the financial institution for investment, I've been in search for someone that can handle this and when i came across your profile i feel i can trust you to handle this.

       Once you retrieve the funds, we shall disburse it in two proportions: you will have 40% and I will have 55%, 5% will be set aside to offset all expenses that may be incurred in the process of retrieving the funds. For security reasons, this transaction must be kept very secret, and should not be disclosed to anyone else. As long as you follow my instructions, I can assure you that this transaction is 100% risk free.

 Do get back to me with your response and i will forward more information to you.

Respectfully submitted.
Stanley Breland

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