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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

If you build a better dating site, they won't come...

There are certain truths that have sunk into my feeble brain over the years.

Most people on dating sites want fantasy, they are not looking for a real person, for a real relationship.

Even if a man is 90 years old, and confined to a wheelchair, if he signs up on international dating sites, he will message the youngest girls, with the biggest boobs in her pictures, in the most distant country, and expect her to show up on his doorstep.

The bigger the boobs in the profile pictures,  or in the pictures the 'girl' provides, the longer the man will stay in contact with her.  (Even if he suspects this is a scammer)

Anything a scammer tells them has to have some thread of truth, but everything somebody well versed in scams says, is suspect.

('Yes, she stole $20,000 from me, but I think she really loves me.  Maybe she is being forced to do this?")

Kids in third world countries have smartphones, and there are internet cafes everywhere, but supermodels and rich businessmen who travel, often find themselves in places there are no cams to show a face on.

Rich businessmen who travel the world, and have multiple lavish homes in various countries,  need to ask strangers for money when they encounter fake difficulties.

Sexy, young, attractive Russian ladies, who provide pictures of themselves 'out on the town', actually stay home at night, knitting with granny,.

Every Filipina girl is born with the desire to find a 65 year old Kano husband, online, when they turn 18.

People who money for the internet, and spend hours a day online, do not have money for food, and need your financial support.

Soldiers who are deployed to combat areas, can leave that area, and go on vacation to come meet you, if you send them money.   (This is why wars last so long, everybody is leaving all the time.)

People who are smart enough to steal millions of dollars, or earn millions of dollars, are not smart enough to figure out a way to hide it, or transfer it to another country, without the help of somebody they find on the internet.  (Who will be asked to pay 'fees'.)

Ladies who are 'too shy' to show a face on cam, are not 'too shy' to send you multiple pictures of them in provocative poses, or in scanty swimwear.

There is also some charity that sends poor girls to lavish resorts, or distant cities for tourism.
I know this is true, I've seen the pictures.

If you provide an internet dating site, which screens out 99% of the scammers, real people will not be interested.   They prefer the busier sites, full of fakes, perverts and scammers.
(This one statement is true...)

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