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Friday, December 19, 2014

hsadvocates@yahoo.it SCAM giftprivate@yahoo.de ATM bank card scam

in the name of the Lord, I greet you. investment. in your country.. i am miss mariam
With due respect and humility I write you this letter which I believe you would be of great assistance to me...I saw your profile from dating site I want you to help me invest my money into a profitable business in your Country as my partner.
Can you advise of any profitable long term business in your country? You only help to pay for the delivery of the visa credit card. responsible for the establishment and management of the business. I have agreed that 40% of this money will be for you as the beneficiary respect of the provision you will be paying for the delivery of this visa credit which $5 Million U.S Dollars have been reloaded into the visa the credit . which I want to entrust into your hands to use for investment in your country without delay..i kindly needs your urgent service you will rendered, 60% will be for me.
so i need your urgent help.

it is my pleasure with due respects to seek for your aid.
We understand your plights.

However, with a new government of our country in place and the recent regulation
on monitery policies, we wish to inform you that a board of directors meeting
has been held in your favor to immediately release your funds directly to
you without any further delays.

The board decided to send you a valid ATM visa bank card where your fund will be credited
and and sent to you through a secure speed courier to your address in your country.

this will enable you to withdraw your fund through any ATM POS in your country. You will have to co-operate with us for this smooth operation. this will bring to an end
all the troubles you have had in the past with the various transfer processes engaged in.

Please declare your interest to receive this ATM bank card, and we will send you further information
concerning the delivery.for further procedure contact the lawyer DR Harry Smith.

EMAIL hsadvocates@yahoo.it
 Contact me through my Email giftprivate@yahoo.de

Hello dear,
it is my pleasure with due respects to seek for your aid.
My names are Miss mariam maliki Isa ,I have been suffering from the hands the my late fathers polictial opponet and my doctor told me that i have just to leave ivory coast to a foreign country for my dear life to be saved.so i need your urgent help.
I have $5 Million U.S Dollars which i want to entrust into your hands to use
in helping the orphanage home in your country,as soon as i hear from you i will
instruct the bank management to make the immediate transfer into your account.without any further delay.

Miss mariam maliki isa

This is a scam.  They will steal money from gullible people.  Are you willing to be one?  

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