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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

katebotchwey@yahoo.com SCAM fishmeetfish.com

hello am kate and i have add you here but i have yahoo id add me to der katebotchwey@yahoo.com

i am single and ready to get in a good and hard working man who will love and care for me and spend all the rest of my life with him.... love life and even though I've lived it on my own for the greater part where I had to learn from my mistakes along the way, my drive has always been there. You pick up and don't give up - there is no room for selfishness. Life is far too precious to let it pass you by without having fun! .. I am a very healthy and active person. I do a lot of walking, am presently into yoga, and try to eat good most of the time. Junk foods have never been my specialty. I do enjoy a good restaurant once in awhile and a good red wine (I usually get mine made). I am very considerate, compassionate, trusting, and reliable. I always look for the good in a person. I guess you could say that I am a romantic at heart. I have style and care about my appearance. I place some importance on cleanliness/tidiness although I am not "a neat freak'.. I've been told that I have a sense of humor that can make you laugh when you least expect it. You could say that I don't act my age at times but then again, that's good isn't it! Life is too short and precious to take it too seriously. I don't place too much importance on material things. Those can be replaced unlike the love of a good woman. Personally, I see not with the eye but with the heart. I love cooking, entertaining, socializing, dancing (love the jive), reading, playing scrabble. I also love the outdoors; nothing compares to a beautiful moonlit night or a walk in the autumn leaves while feeling the chill of the season. I love being romanced, such as quiet candlelit dinners, little surprises for no reason. I would dearly like to someday develop a good, loving relationship with that "special" man. Someone who is patient and kind, affectionate and honest as well as responsible and who can set aside time to enjoy the good things in life. My belief is that you have to meet the other person halfway in order to make a relationship work. I am not into head games and never have been.

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