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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The scammers aren't the only people trying to make money off of you

Be wary of 'anti-scam' sites that pop up. Some are fake, some will try to steal money from you, and others shill for bad dating sites.
One example of a site shilling for bad dating sites, under the guise of an 'anti scam' site, is romancescamsnow.com.
On the 'safe dating site' page they give high ratings to several very bad sites, (which pay well to affiliates) and claim AsianLonelyHearts.com is a 'Limited Site, with many scammers'.
Limited? Yes. AsianLonelyHearts is a small site. It is a little over a year old, and growth is slow because WE KEEP SCAMMERS OUT!
'Many Scammers'????????
Either the person making this claim has some sort of agenda, or he/she has no idea what an internet romance scammer is!
I've been busy with 'anti-scam' work for 7 years, and my reputation is established.
I could throw up a slick looking site tomorrow about brain surgery, but it does not mean I know a thing about brain surgery!
I know internet romance scams, and bad dating sites when I see them.
I also know crap when I see it, (even without the help of my nose.)
Romancescamsnow.com is CRAP!
There are other anti-scam sites and forums that can help you, and can benefit from your information.
(Posting the details of a scam publicly helps other victims!)
I suggest you use one of the following sites for information and help on internet romancescams.

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