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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ghana 'Gold' scam. Yes, there are people that fall for this...

Too often they are elderly or disabled people, who think this instant influx of money will make life a little easier. They end up losing the little money they have, chasing this fake money. Some elderly end up homeless, others just rack up massive debts they can't repay. The scammers will keep milking the victim for more money, and more, with the promise that soon the 'riches' will be delivered.

Greetings, I am writing you in capacity and with the power vested In me by our royal family, for your information i came Across your contact through the Internet search. My Family has is a very big Gold mining land, which is the family source of income. Meanwhile the families operations on the mining land is going down due to the broken down of our mining equipment. The family has so far accumulated a quantity of 155 kgs of alluvial Gold dust and Gold bar, which was kept for quite a long time. due to the broken down equipment ,the family has held a meeting and had concluded that this 155kgs gold be sends out side Ghana for sale in order to have access to capital injection into the project and Also to acquire some additional machines to boost our Production. With these reason i decide to contact you or your company for partnership so that you can come and help send out this Quantity for sales or to make an arrangement aathe shipment. The family is ready to enter into negotiations with you as to what price that will be given to you if you are able to assist the family in these Respects. may you gives us your intentions as to the above proposal. you can contact me on my email.We are ready to make sales of this 155 Kgs out as soon as we get a reliable buyer. Thank you very much for having time to read my proposal as awaiting your response to my proposal and kindly contact me on my email ********** Regards Juriesbocande
This message arrived at my account at cherryfun.com, a really bad dating site, full of scams, and scammers, but at least they mask out email addresses in the internal, 'free' messages. (Not out of safety, they want you to pay for message priveleges)


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