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Saturday, December 20, 2008

ladylili2007@gmail.com Ukraine scam

Hello dear XXXXX,

I am very happy received kind letter from you!!!!!!!!
I really wanted to make direct contact with you as I wanted
to get to know you closer and than to have real meeting maybe. Please tell
me about yourself and your wishes you have in love and relationship.
So a little about myself. I am 32 years old, I work as a seller at the
small shop "Persona" which sells women clothes. I like my job very much
and I like people who work with me. We are very friendly.
I was born in Russia city Kemerovo and 2 years ago I moved to Ukraine because my grand
mom is living here and we decided with my mom to support her and spend my
grand mom's last years together. Now I live in Ukraine. Kerch.
That is why we are together and only now I understand how it is wonderful
to be together with close people. My father left us when I was only 3
months child and I do not understand what "father" is. Maybe that is
why in relationships I am looking for understanding, support, man's
warmths. I am sorry for my open thoughts but I think in relationships
it is very important to be open to each other, to share all thoughts
and secrets.
In this life I am alone, I mean I have not sisters and brothers, I
have only cousin Oksana. We are very close with Oksana,
we are like real sisters. She is a professional photographer, she studied in
Moscow college of cinema and arts. She thinks I could be a model, and
likes to make pictures of me but I think I am just a simple woman who
wants to be happy. For me inner world is on the first place... And hate
when people judge me on my face only and don't see what is inside... I
want to be loved for who I am and not for how I look. Is there any sense
in my words?
John, I think a woman must be woman. I like sexy clothes, I like sexy
underwear and I want to please my man like every normal woman must do.
I hope you will agree sex is very important part of relationships. I
am open in it. I like everything in sex, I like soft sex and I like
wild as well, everything depends on our mood and fantasies. What do you
think? Do you agree?
I know, if we are close, if we feel each other I will do
everything for my man because I value his wishes, because I value his
man's beginning and I will always respect his wishes and his desires.
I do value your attention and think we have our chance to create
something special. Honey, please, write me more about your life, dreams,
wishes. Please, be open with me because I want honest, open
relationships. I miss it very much. So, waiting for your answer.

With love your
Ukrainian lady

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